DopeAMean – “Blue Faces” is ambitious!

DopeAMean born Josephis Wade, started rapping in 2004 with a rap group formerly known as Y.B.E. (Young Black Entrepreneurs). A decorated US Army Veteran, Wade was born in Columbus Georgia USA, to Lisa Denise Ceesay Pollard – a single mother. Raised in Metro-Atlanta, Ga and Auburn, Al, DopeAMean currently resides in Denver, and is the proud owner of the record label, Every-Thing Dope LLC. His latest project is 14 track album, “Blue Faces”. It’s enthralling on a sonic level, and the rapper keeps up lyrically, his flow more than malleable enough to fit with any groove put forward.

It is filled with the aggression and bluster that his persona requires to entertain fans, but he is also able to be more nuanced and introspective when the occasion arises. You can probably already guess that this is plenty of fun, with beats made to rattle your vehicle as you cruise down the street. And yes, there are plenty of highlights to be raved about.

DopeAMean’s passion and devotion to the grind comes through from the opening track, “Stunner Man” ft. JB – a grand manifesto of purpose and self-awareness. The rapper continues with his signature confidence and energy on “Gucci Bag Shawty” ft. Super Kool’in, and then delivers a cogent statement on “Diss How It Works” ft. WeatherMan.

Other highlights abound across the record, most notably with the head-nodding bangers “Coner Store” ft. JB and “I’m All That” ft. WeatherMan. DopeAMean flows smoothly atop the atmospheric, multi-textured soundscape on “Money Don’t Fold Up” ft. Kape, WeatherMan and Lil Coop.

Whereas the first half of the album leans more heavily on the visceral dimensions of its creator’s lyricism, the second half elevates his penchant for the cerebral, starting with the titular track, “Blue Faces”. A handful of the tracks here find the remarkably self-aware DopeAMean attempting to reconcile his visions of the world that surround him, namely “Bout My Money” ft. Weatherman and Lil Coop, and the intense exposé, “Catch Me in Da Trap” ft. TankdHead Wreackin.

“Bart Simpson” ft. WeatherMan and Lil Coop, and “RubberBanz” ft. Ray Gunner Boy Wonder, reintroduces the gritty trunk-rattling fare. “I Can Do Whatever” finds the rapper delivering thoughtful, and agile bars with a vocal twist on the hook.

Keeping the bangers coming, DopeAMean continues to spit relentlessly on “Inside of My Roof Gone” ft. WeatherMan and Blizzard. The smooth “Gone” slows the pace, spoiling the listener with its piano lushness and skittering hi-hats.

Expectedly, DopeAMean sounds at home spitting confidently over the gorgeous sounds. All in all, DopeAMean is on his A-game throughout “Blue Faces”.  He spits hard unapologetic bars throughout, while the emotional and authenticity quotient is set to the max.

As mentioned, this is a soundly executed, thoroughly enjoyable album. The insights, the contrasts, and the thoughtfulness is awesome, alongside the vibe and production, which DopeAMean uses to his advantage, fueling his fire.

Do yourself a favor: pick up “Blue Faces” and immerse yourself not only in its impressive breadth, but also its practically unparalleled depth. It’s ambitious, and easily one of the best albums of its kind in 2019.


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