Paradox A.O.N. Releases ‘Living Wrong’, the title track to his debut album

‘Living Wrong’, the title track to Paradox A.O.N.’s debut studio album, tells a story of the past he has left behind. This record was inspired by the death of Mac Miller. Paradox has always been inspired by him, and wrote the lyrics to this track the day that Mac Miller lost his life. A documentary of the same title, Living Wrong, featuring the life and past of Paradox, will give you insight into the inspiration behind the album.

As you listen to the lyrics of the album, as a whole, you will be captured by the story. This is hip hop at its finest, real life and honest lessons. Paradox has lived every word he speaks and woke up one day to realize that he would be dead if he continued that life. The entire album is testimony to his ability to hit rock bottom and crawl his way out. Leaving all of the jail, drugs and drive by’s behind him.

Addiction is at an all-time high, and if Paradox can make a difference in one person’s life, he has succeeded. This album has already touched thousands of lives, and is continuing to grow. Music is the international language that breaks all barriers.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. It’s what you learn from those mistakes that make you grow as a person and in his case, an artist. Paradox took a look in the mirror one day and realized that his demise was his blessing. Then he proved it.

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