Mind Vacation – “High Woman” – an atmosphere of enthusiasm!

Kenn Rune Rydningen and Andre Myhren make up the Norway-based rock duo, Mind Vacation. Their latest single, “High Woman” is built around a thumping percussive beat, warm keyboards, and catchy clean guitar fretwork. A very modern, sharp touch on rock, the track genuinely takes all the great aspects of contemporary pop and classic rock and blurs it into a very convincing, cool and breezy melodic vibe. It also helps that Mind Vacation have a knack for ear-worm songwriting that has a memorable quality which never mutates into stuck-in-your-head annoying. The duo produces musical magic on “High Woman”, where great playing and soaring vocals meld seamlessly.

“High Woman” certainly the potential to reach a vast spectrum of new listeners. Music can have a positive effect not only on the listener, but the artist as well as they share their experiences through words and song. This is one such track that will appeal to those already familiar with Mind Vacation’s music and open it up to a whole new audience given the captivating music on offer here.

The wide sonic scope of “High Woman” is laid out immediately, with the strumming acoustic guitars introducing the energy-pumping rhythm and the rest of the organic arrangement. Expanding jazzy chords entwine with a fiery lead guitar solo, and swirling organ motifs, which have a rich, warm sound that draws from another era, in its wide-eyed quest for melodic perfection.

At heart, it’s a gorgeous rock song with a production job that sparkles in the sunlight, and which really gets things off to a flying start. The upbeat stylings have a rippling rhythm that skips around dense layers of keys and guitars, to create a song that slips from earthen verses to an airy chorus with ease.  The runaway rhythm sees the guitar nailed down tight, with the percussion driving the song hard to where it needs to go.

This all results in a track that would not sound out of place on the charts. Yet, for all the top level studio wizardry on display, the vocal harmonies and instrumental work provide the music with a human heart that most modern rock lacks.  All throughout, the track builds to wonderful crescendos.

“High Woman” sees the Kenn Rune Rydningen and Andre Myhren engaging with rock and pop inflections, creating a track that successfully combines organic instrumentation, and great songwriting with the power of the studio. Mind Vacation prove that when the balance is just right, the results are exceptional and there is a track, as groovy as all hell on offer.

More than that, however, Rydningen and Myhren are both clearly enjoying themselves. In fact the whole project is, there’s an atmosphere of enthusiasm running through the entire track, and you can tell the guys are having fun just playing together.

It is within this good-time, uplifting summer vibe that Mind Vacation hit their stride and show their audiences just what they’re capable of on “High Woman”.

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