Swiss Mix – “Axon” – plenty of throb, grind and intensity!

Swiss Mix is an electronic producer who works in a variety of genres, such as house, trance, techno, and psytrance. He also makes trap, hip-hop & rnb beats for local artists. However Swiss Mix does not stop there, his general interest in music takes him as far afield as rock, house, 90’s trance, abstract and ambient music. I first listened to “Axon”, the single taken off the Swiss Mix EP, ‘SW155M1x’, in my car while I was driving to the city, which gave me plenty of time to listen to the track a good few times over. I had no distractions and a nice sound system, where I could feel a great balance of highs and lows.

The anticipation you feel in the beginning, the release of the first drop, then the mass of heavy bass and kick drum motifs gives you no break, as do the dramatic builds throughout the 9 minute plus arrangement which will hit you in the feels.

There isn’t a chance of standing still with this track. Not only does “Axon” have some incredible keyboards layers, but also deserves some appreciation for the driving rhythm chops shown in the sharp drum programming.

Listening to this track, you know from the start that it should be played at high volume. This way you’ll experience the gut-busting low end of Swiss Mix’s throbbing bass and kick drum combination.  Thirty seconds in, he uses the synth to shift the track into a massive hyper-bass percussive boom that bangs with a vengeance.

If there is something you try to find within track which you can connect to – whether it’s a drop, a drum beat, a bassline, or a dazzling synth motif, you’ll find it here in “Axon”.

“Axon”, is an intense 9 minute journey, within a song that has a life and story of its own. The track transcends all the other songs on ‘SW155M1x’, creating an auditory performance unlike any other. It creates a familiar yet fresh experience that welcomes all type of EDM music fanatics.

Longtime dance music fans will find plenty of the throb, grind and intensity they’d expect, as Swiss Mix colors outside the mainstream electro-pop lines, which makes him more accessible to authentic club orientated audiences.

Swiss Mix indulges his predilection for what he calls “a gritty bass and fat kick”, right from the start. This creates a sense of plans unfolding, which gives way to the aforementioned portend of an approaching threat. Swiss Mix takes that tension and seamlessly transitions into an impressive buildup.

Swirling synth vibrations and belches of bass drive in revealing the drums that underpin the piece. After another series of head-twisting rhythmic slabs, the racy finish suggests that everything played out exactly as Swiss Mix intended on “Axon”.




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