“Lost Jewel” – Tresure spills syllables with dizzying aplomb

Tresure is a 21 year old upcoming artist, from Framingham, Massachusetts. “My dream is to one day be heard by the world,” says Tresure, “and to empower and inspire women. I want to living proof that you can be whoever you want to be. You just have to believe.” If there was any hype about this young artist before, her latest single, “Lost Jewel” proves that in fact she may be one of the most promising female MCs in the underground rap world today. It’s also the soulful and jazzy arrangement on the production that perhaps showcases Tresure in her best light, as a fiery lyrical force tackling a dynamic beat with natural ease.

Tresure spills syllables with dizzying aplomb, as her desire for stylistic diversity spews a startlingly fresh sound. In a fast moving hip-hop world, this luscious instrumentation may seem dated at first, but instead it adds a delightful twist to this track.

“Lost Jewel” pulls off the impressive feat of drawing the listener back into its embrace time after time – like you, on the other side of the speakers, can’t quite believe that the production and flow works together as well as it does.

From the moment the track kicks in, it is never less than entirely entertaining. Better than expected, definitely, and if Tresure can sit still long enough to realize a distilled presentation of her evident talents, into a full-length album, we could be looking at a classic that her tidal wave of talents clearly point to.

This record, by and large, blurs the lines between innovation and nostalgia by incorporating tantalizingly fresh touches to a timeless sound. Chock full of depth and intricate wordplay, “Lost Jewel” is a stunningly produced groove pinned down by Tresure’s sassy, confident, rap flow, and lightened with her caramel coated vocals.

Tresure has managed to confidently create a record that’s bold with its intentions and sounds. It’s a jewelry box overflowing with little treasures; from the horn smattered rhythms to the intense mid-rap flow to the random melodies and solid banging beat, it’s a very apt taster for an artist full of surprises.

As previously mentioned, it’s fair to say Tresure could be one of the most exciting female artists out there right now, and we don’t even need to pigeonhole her under the umbrella of any style. She is dabbling in sounds that remain modern but the very core of it, is full-time artistry.

There’s nothing out there to compare to “Lost Jewel” right now. Tresure is capable of some clever wordplay, but the most defining characteristic of her rapping is how she infuses it with the beat: she lines up syllables like a laser beam, before moving onto the smoothly brooding melodic hook, exploring all the timbres of her voice.

She has a great instrument and she knows how to use it. Tresure knows her own sound and is ploughing straight forward into her very own lane with it, creating some of the best female rap music heard in a hell of a long time.

OFFICIAL LINKS: YOUTUBESOUNDCLOUD – Instagram@Tresure508 – SoundCloud@Tresure508 – YouTube@Tresure508

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