Anne Marie Bush – “Running Wild” – a lush, generous, and bighearted performance!

Anne Marie Bush’s latest single “Running Wild” – written and produced by the Danish artist in her own studio in Copenhagen – is simply amazing. I’ve been a fan of hers from the start but this new recording shows just how much of a talent she really is. The songwriting is impeccable and she brings a whole different sound into her catalog, so there’s bound to be a horde of fresh fans ready to follow here. The new single blends flavors from RnB, pop, soul, and funk with her highly contagious EDM standards. The driving bluesy musical backdrop of “Running Wild” gives an immediate soulful feel and is certainly enough to capture the listeners’ attention as the diversity of Anne Marie Bush’s vocal talent is revealed.

This song seems completely designed to allow for the Anne Marie’s incredible vocals to really shine through and communicate with her audience in a far more visceral and intimate way than any of her previous tracks.  Another unusual note about this particular track is its maturity in terms of lyrics; Anne has really pushed the boat out to create a track worthy of targeting a more mature audience.

Perhaps this signals Anne Marie Bush’s first tentative steps away from her party-going EDM audience, and into more passionate adult territory. “I need to reach out of range, do something strange. Like an overdue heated exchange,” sings Anne Marie, almost as if to confirm my previous statement. Either way, “Running Wild” is a vehicle for the singer’s impressive vocal chops, which she uses with both vigor and attention.

“Running Wild” is made to be heard in arenas, its driving slow-burn tempo, and dramatic flirtation with intense, quiet and loud textures, makes it a heavy-toned, singalong groove designed to mesmerize audiences. Never before has her voice sounded so strong and beautiful. It’s a lush, generous, and bighearted performance from Anne Marie Bush.

“Running Wild” sounds like a career defining work, it feels much more organic, and of this earth than anything previously done by Anne Marie. There’s a strong, organic influence that places her much more firmly in a lineage, a tradition, instead of the Pop-EDM-influenced vacuum that many of her contemporaries remain perpetually stuck in.

Anne Marie Bush shows with this track that she is able to frequent both schools of thought with equal ease and passion. “Running Wild”, it should be noted, doesn’t feel calculated or contrived in any way. It feels honest. It feels like it’s exactly what she wants to be singing right now.

“On “Running Wild” I am mixing the mid-tempo club feel with electronic RnB, Soul, Funk and dance sounds, and basically experimenting with the old-school soul vibe,” says Anne Marie Bush. “I came up with the hook and concept for the track one late evening after a lovely picnic in the forest. I love the groovy soulful feel, combined with the edgy, hooky vibe, which is key for a club hit nowadays.”

Anne Marie’s passion and captivating vocal proficiency serves as the track’s thumping pulse. It’s exhilarating to hear her nail the hairpin turns she takes on this track. But the biggest lesson of “Running Wild” should be that the days of anybody underestimating the ambitions and abilities of Anne Marie Bush, are clearly over.

The Anne Marie Bush Story So Far: Anne Marie has been engaged to several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach, mainly in L.A, where she was based for 8 years. As an artist Anne Marie has released her own singles, EPs and music videos via her own Record label, AMB Records, and has made it to the hit single sales charts, and the dance charts for several years. Anne Marie has aired on most of the Nationwide TV and radio shows and radio shows in Denmark, as well as indie stations all over EU, Asia and US. She has worked with the elite in the music business, such as Narada Walden, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Victor Merrit, Michael Caruso, Greg Phillinganes, Robert Palmer, Peter Roberts, Terry Wollman, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Britney Spears, Brian Mann, Richard Niles, and Ken Larish etc.


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