Mallika Mehta – “Way Too Long” – an undeniable talent to be reckoned with!

First things first, singer-songwriter, Mallika Mehta, better known as The Adele from Mumbai, delivers superb vocals. The timbre of her voice is distinct from other singers of her class, and I know of few others who have the ability to vary from bluesy and soulful to sophisticated pop singing with such ease and panache. Her range is also very impressive, and more importantly, her high notes do not sound strained or artificial. Mallika’s songs themselves are very good and consistent, ranging from arena-style ballads and anthems to spirited pop.

If nothing else, her latest single “Way Too Long” certainly establishes Mallika Mehta as a singularly gifted vocalist. Here, once again. Mallika’s voice combines her expansive range with her terrific tonal quality, making her an undeniable talent to be reckoned with.

And what’s more, Mallika’s producer, in this case Shivang Arora, refrains from pulling out the most hackneyed pop diva tricks: You won’t hear the music dropping out to accent a ludicrous octave run, or a whole song wasted on the buildup to one big vocal finale. It’s all smoothly produced to accompany Mallika’s naturally gifted voice, from beginning to end.

The fact that Mallika Mehta can sing isn’t a novelty here – it’s the premise of the single. On the track she can be found cooing an impossibly high melody, and imbuing the ballad with a thick, powerful chorus. All filled with warmth and emotional expression.

The haunting beauty of the chorus and the production which gives off this feeling of complete exhilaration and desolation at the same time, is just stunning. Not only does Mallika own the whole entire thing in her delivery, but she hits some serious notes, which will send chills down your spine every time you hear them.

Mallika Mehta’s poise and virtuosity are admirable, and all too rare in pop music. She packs the punch and commanding quality a song like this benefits from. “Way Too Long” is a thoroughly enjoyable mid-tempo A+ pop-rock ballad. From beginning to end you are treated to vocals that are never less than pristine.

Artistically, Mallika sticks to her tried and tested routes. You’ve heard these sounds, tasted these flavors, and enjoyed these scintillating vocals from her before, but this formula has something unique each time she releases a song. It’s in her voice, in the melody and in the beat.

Way Too Long” showcases Mallika Mehta’s impeccable vocal abilities with honest songwriting and appropriate backing production. A heartfelt message of confidence, independence and strength, drawn from affliction, comes pouring out of every word, as the artist’s controlled yet convincing performance drives the top notch songwriting to an entirely new level.

With vocal power at the forefront, the song becomes a shining, soaring moment for Mallika Mehta, as it ensures listeners and fans that she’s busy working her way to the top of the music industry.

Mallika Mehta who sings both in English , Hindi , Gujarati, Punjabi and Spanish, has been singing since the age of 5. In 2014, she undertook training with the Voice Academy, NYC, and also attended a 5 week summer program at the Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2016. In that same year, Mallika performed her official debut concert, entitled “Rhythm”, in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Mumbai.

Mallika has also attended a marketing management summer program at Harvard University (2017); a training program with world renowned celebrity voice teacher and coach, Liz Lewis in Los Angeles (2017); a music business course at BerkleeX (2018); as well as a songwriting program at New York University (2019). Mallika, who was also invited to open a concert for Kailash Kher, the Indian pop-rock and Bollywood playback star, released her first ever English single “War Solo” on 21st November, 2016.


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