“When the World Falls Apart” – Terry Barber intoxicates listeners with his vocal prowess

Terry Barber is a unique talent. The singer, actor, songwriter and producer – a past member of the Grammy winning vocal ensemble, Chanticleer – has appeared on recordings with artists such as Madonna, Jewel, Chaka Khan, Cyndi Lauper, to the London Philharmonic. Barber, whose latest solo album was considered for 8 Grammy nominations, has performed at prestigious venues like the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, and Moscow’s Svetlanov Hall. His latest single, “When the World Falls Apart” has now been released digitally worldwide, and as can be expected, Terry Barber’s voice ranges from soaring and powerful to fully nuanced falsetto, where you can feel all the emotion this song delivers.

Terry Barber finds a sound that suits his extraordinary vocal range perfectly on “When the World Falls Apart”, and reaches his full potential, in a modern music idiom. It’s not always easy for a formally trained classical voice, no matter how superlative, to make the transition to pop orientated material, but Terry makes that shift sound effortless, and totally relatable to any audience demographic. His latest single is a heartfelt power ballad, executed peerlessly to a piano dominated arrangement.

A quick run through his catalog, and it soon becomes clear that the countertenor, Terry Barber, has never been resistant to change. Instead he has made his versatility a substantial and triumphant element of his repertoire.

Whether he’s going from ‘La Vie en Rose’, to ‘Funiculi, Funicula’, or even onto ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Queen, and songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber , the eclectic vocal star has always made it a point to keep himself mutable. On the singer’s latest single, “When the World Falls Apart”, that mutability pays off in spades.

With its impeccably executed arrangement and sublime production, Terry Barber’s voice soars over the top, carrying the ever-expanding melody, while reaching levels of absolute perfection, and when the percussive elements kick in, the song is suddenly a piece of pure, soulful, unadulterated power pop.

The transition doesn’t feel forced, and Barber sells the emotion with ease. What’s clear as day on this track, is that Terry Barber is in his element. Besides the lovely supporting musical arrangement, and the endearing sentiment at the forefront, this effort is a more than viable avenue to let the artist’s immense talents thrive.

Nothing on “When the World Falls Apart”, feels wedged-in or overproduced. If anything, the song exudes a bold assertiveness, commanding your attention through every single note, but never unduly or cheaply clamoring for it.

Rather, Barber, intoxicates listeners with his vocal prowess, which expresses his commitment to the song’s narrative, and speaks to the afflictions of our troubled times. It’s a very beautiful song that successfully shows a different side to Barber’s talents. Not to mention his vocal riffs during the chorus which are insanely captivating.

Terry Barber’s career thus far, is nothing to sniff at, however, he doesn’t seem satisfied to rest on his laurels. Geared towards the idea of new attitudes and newer musical influences, he goes for something plush, poignant and thoroughly entertaining on “When the World Falls Apart”, instantaneously staking his claim with this emotionally driven ballad.


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