Warren J Gallimore and Austin Leeds ft EMARIE – I Just Wanna Tell You…

Music is a paradise of rhythmical, melodical, and harmonical wonders, each being a vital organ of every musical core. With these elements, certain styles of music are classified into genres and subgenres. Through the oceanic abundance of genres and subgenres in the world of music, Electronic, Pop and Dance has delivered many bountiful flavors. In this age of niche marketing it’s refreshing to encounter music that defies the usual categories, and even transcends musical eras. “I Just Wanna Tell You…”, the latest release by veteran producer, singer, and songwriter Warren J. Gallimore, co-produced alongside fellow creative Austin Leeds, could comfortably find its way in to a number of record store racks…in any year you’d care to choose. Going forward or backward in time.

“I Just Wanna Tell You…”, is classic sounding material. And no wonder, considering it’s on the cult-like underground record label, Survival Crew Records, started by Gallimore and his mother back in 1993. You don’t come this far down the line without picking up some quality experience along the way. Warren J. Gallimore has worn many hats in the entertainment industry – from films to music and radio, he has plied his craft diligently.

Born in Brooklyn, NY to Jamaican parents, Gallimore now resides in Atlanta where he continues to pursue his craft, and keeps building his song catalog. Together with Austin Leeds, Warren sculpted a classic pop track with “I Just Wanna Tell You…” – catchy hooks and all – which is absolutely ready for mainstream consumption. They then go one step further by doubling up the dose and turn out an EDM version of the track, to complete a double sided single.

These two tracks quickly lure you, mirage-like, to their moods, textures and rhythms – mellifluous in melody, lush and layered in sound. Sweet, rich and blended to a flavored dancefloor delicacy, and radio ready earworm, the two masterful arrangements, and luscious productions, make for ultra-sophisticated listening.

Over and above the music, another aspect that holds this project together are the incredible vocals supplied by songstress Emarie. When you die and possibly go on to heaven, you will be greeted with a voice that sounds very similar to hers. Emarie’s distinctive vocal parts are beautifully mixed into the arrangements, coiled perfectly in the compositional swirl.

With its orchestrated cinematic sweeps, “I Just Wanna Tell You…” is an interesting journey. There are no flaws on these tracks, the vocals and the instrumentals are great and they stream together with ease. The beats, the bass, the lush string arrangements, the keys, the guitars; everything here is blissfully effortless.

Soulful, smooth, sensual, call it what you will, these songs are drenched with captivating sonics and heavenly singing. Electronic music done beautifully is perfectly demonstrated in “I Just Wanna Tell You…”. Warren J. Gallimore and Austin Leeds make the kind of music that begs to be savored, where every element stands out like a star on its own right, yet is an important player in the whole.



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