Sofie Brusso – “Liquid Music” (ft. I. Land) is an absolute triumph, musically, vocally, and lyrically

Sofie Brusso is a creative and romantic singer-songwriter, who loves observing the stars, nature and discovering the world around her. Her latest single project, entitled “Liquid Music” (feat. I. Land), sees the artist collaborate with accomplished lyricist Mitch Kafka, and her producer brother I. Land aka Ivan Syus’ko, who also adds his vocal to the mix.

I’ve already listened to this song about ten times on repeat. I rarely play the same thing repeatedly in one listen, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m really enjoying this single. Musically it’s exceptionally uplifting, and will pull you upwards into the heavenly angelic realms. Apart from the celestial vocals by Sofie and Ivan, the lyrics add a twist of sentimental mystery.

“Let me tell you something. You never will believe. You are so very beautiful. And life is but a dream. Let me sing you to sleep. With a song that no one knows. Your heart will break forever. But it only breaks open to love.” The song, regardless of the genre you want to fit it into, is super powerful and musically grand, to the point that it feels like you being transported into another dimension.

This is a superb song by a phenomenal upcoming artist whose voice seems to transcend genres and styles. In a troublesome world ripe with never ending negativity, “Liquid Music” (feat. I. Land) is the perfect track to yank your soul upwards towards an overwhelming feeling of yearning, love, and affection. “There is fragile beauty. In every sorrow and tear. If you only saw it, my love. Your pain would disappear,” sings Sofie, with a voice as pleasantly poignant as a gentle summer breeze.

Throughout her catalog of songs – many of which I found on YouTube – Sofie Brusso showcases her talent for taking an eclectic mix of songs spanning multiple genres and tying them together with a common thread of rich, eclectic orchestrations and gorgeous vocals.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear her reveal so many sides to her incredible voice and musicals tastes, and to see how she continues to push herself creatively, and experiment, particularly at this early stage in her career.

I found “Liquid Music” (feat. I. Land) to be absolutely thrilling. Sofie Brusso uses her high, middle, and lower registers to great effect, and even dips into edgy pop-flavored tones. I. Land’s disciplined and grounded vocal texture is the perfect counterpoint to Sofie’s airy delivery. Together they sing in an intimate and extraordinarily moving ballad that may be Sofia’s best vocal interpretation yet.

Sofie Brusso switches effortlessly from a breathier voice to a light airy soprano, to a velvety middle register and full-throated croon, and all in the same sweet, ethereal tone. Few have the crystalline clarity in voice as does Sofie. Beautiful on so many levels, “Liquid Music” (feat. I. Land) is an absolute triumph, musically, vocally, and lyrically. I could happily listen to it again right now!

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