LESS LOVE takes on Whitey

Screaming out of Oklahoma City loud and angry like a throwback to the angst of years past LESS LOVE delivers a cure for the modern rock blues.

The band’s new single Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) is in your face from the moment “go.” The lyrics therein are unapologetic accusations of white privilege and blind ignorance. The music is a symphony of guitar tones ranging from raw fuzz to overdrive divine. In an age where rock music barely has guitar distinguishable from midi, this track is an exhilarating reminder that rock music isn’t supposed to be pretty and clean. High energy and angry as hell, Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) is guaranteed to excite you or incite you.

The cover artwork

LESS LOVE is a band that has been around for a while. Originally forming in 2006 the band released its first single in 2008. The song was Magical Purple Hair. It went on to sell 30,000 copies. By today’s standards that would be a staggering number. In 2008 it was an impressive but modest sum. Back then people bought music instead of streaming it.

The band reached their peak in 2016 after working with Grammy award-winning producer Michael Trepagnier on their version of the Colourmusic song Horse Race. The song earned them an Independent Music Award nomination in the category of Best Rock/Hard Rock Song. The accompanying video for the song won LESS LOVE a Global Music Award for Best Music Video of 2016.

Now with a new single signaling, the potential release of the band’s third LP titled Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan due out later this year LESS LOVE has proven that they are back and ready for action. The surreal in its simplicity, antithesis video for the song has already earned the band a Los Angeles Music Video Award nomination for Best Rock Video. That accompanied by radio airplay in Europe and in Asia testifies to the world’s hunger for a change.

In an age where record sales are no longer a way to judge a song’s virility and corporate rock is soft served to us by the spoonful can a band rise above the white noise and make their presence known? The answer is uncertain. One thing is for sure. LESS LOVE intends to try.



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