Versa the Band – “Twitch DOT TV / PapaGansley” – a soulful mix of vibe and groove!

Originating from Long Island, New York, Versa the Band describes itself as a “Music Collective” of artists who come together to collaborate with founder, Ethan Felizzari. Blending Alternative and Hip Hop with traditional Pop, elements of Jazz, Rock, and more, VTB transcends simplistic genre characterization. Currently signed to the indie label founded by Felizzari, CK Records (A CK Productions Company), Versa the Band are promoting their double-sided single “Twitch DOT TV / PapaGansley”, featuring the tracks “Chelsea in the Spring” and “Skyline (Freestyle)”.

This latest recording, is obviously not everything that Versa the Band is capable of, as that would probably take the space of an entire double album. Rather, it builds off of recent releases they’ve crafted, and delivers a concise summary of their enormous potential.

 “Twitch DOT TV / PapaGansley” is simultaneously a completely fresh picture of Versa the Band as a collective and the culmination of all of their stylistic experimentation thus far. In short, if you like VTB, you’ll love this project.

“Chelsea in the Spring” is a straightforward feel-good groove, with some killer rapped lines, exquisite musical hooks, and a mellifluous chorus. Tracks like these shake up your habitual listening tastes, and may surprise those that have been listening too closely to the top 40 for the last couple of years. Ethan Felizzari and Versa the Band certainly know how to create a chill summer vibe, with a smooth soulful underbelly.

Melodic lead vocals, harmonious back up voices, and organic sounding instrumentation entrance the senses. Without the ability to look into the future and see what sounds and styles are going to fall out of fashion, making timeless music is really hard.

Versa the Band’s music is so all-embracing that they easily eclipse trends and fashions. The nuances on the track, and the sheer amount of atmospheric groove, gives us a truly timeless snapshot of a band always in the pocket of the moment.

“Got the car all full, and my weed all rolled. Got my dudes in the back, saying when we gonna go…” is a clear indication of the journey Versa the Band’s is about to embark on, in “Skyline (Freestyle)”.

Propelled by skittering hi-hats and dominant keys, VTB also include a brief set of effects and sounds towards the end of the track, to enhance and mystify the listening experience. You’re pulled into it’s sonic web instantly from the get-go. It is a reminder of how immediate and connected music can be, between a musician and the audience.

As major labels somehow continue to exist in their golden cocoons, artists and labels with little capital and lesser reputations are producing some of the most innovative, interesting, and inspiring music.

This is the case with Versa the Band and CK Records. A sweet, soulful mixture of vibe and groove, “Twitch DOT TV / PapaGansley”, is a further expansion of Ethan Felizzari and Versa the Band’s repertoire, which exposes genre-boxing for all its faults. VTB explores the very essence of music, without limits and boundaries.



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