Chadwick Station – “Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back” soulful 70’s R&B!

Chadwick Station is a band that relocated from London to Nashville. They have since injected their Brit pop retro sound, with R&B and soul, and even a little country. Their latest single, is entitled “Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back”. The track’s greatest achievement is its honesty – a standard of all genuine human expression. You believe that Chadwick Station isn’t a brand or a statement, cashing in on worldwide retro-mania for a fast buck. They are delivering a sound they’re totally authentic in, and comfortable with. The song is an updated version of soulful 70’s rhythm & blues, with layers of golden syrup harmonies and billowing horns.

Given the depth of soul that lead singer and songwriter, Alvis Kensington is capable of coating his vocals in, the music Chadwick Station creates feels like it stepped directly out of another era – fluid and nostalgic, but also immediate and emotionally true.

“Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back” is a song that does more than just take you back to the sounds of 1970s and classic Rhythm & Blues and Soul. It is one of the finest retro-styled tracks of its kind I have heard in a very long time.

Toe-tapping and infectious, it is an absolute gem of a song. Vintage has become extremely popular in recent years, but now Chadwick Station shows us how authentic their original efforts can be. In fact, the group’s sound is the pinnacle of an artist transmitting a retro aesthetic, and bringing it straight into the 21st century.

“Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back” is not just informed by retro influences, but is as timelessly powerful as the music it so perfectly reflects. The Nashville-based band deliver a blend of charismatic and harmonic soul that has the potential to dwell with legendary giants of the past.

Unlike other modern musicians entrenched in the musical revival scene, Chadwick Station don’t add contemporary elements to the music, to make it more palatable to millennials

Meticulously loyal to the genre stylistics here, Chadwick Station stick to the original musical script, and probably the only contemporary elements used, was the recording equipment, methods and techniques, for crisp, clear sonics. The production crew were sticklers for details too, as they meticulously captured the sound and feel of 70’s R&B radio

With its melodic mood and reverential tone, it’s the kind of song that’s almost impossible to dislike. Among the smooth horns and swooning background vocals, you can’t help but wonder what “Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back” would sound like in a live concert setting. The mellifluous chorus is close to irresistible and can inspire a hypnotic bout of euphoric, finger-snapping, singalong groove.

The first time you hear “Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back” you’ll probably think your ears are playing tricks on you, but yes, surprisingly Chadwick Station is very much a contemporary band. The just have a primal understanding of the essence of 70’s R&B and Soul.


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