Jerry Collins – “Rocky Mountain Ski” – a positively uplifting narrative

Award-winning lyricist, and 5-time Crowd Review Featured Spotlight Artist, within a year, Jerry Collins continues his upward trajectory in the music business. A member of the Episcopal Church, and a FedEx employee for over 20 years, Jerry started writing Country music in 2016. A year later he had switched to the Christian/Gospel genre where his ascendancy to the top of ranks was swift. He has since moved between Spiritual and Christian Rock stylings, where his songs reached the number spots on the Local, Regional, National, and Global charts.

With most of his music commercially licensed, Jerry Collins continues to write and collaborate with singers and musicians, who help bring his words and themes to life. “Rocky Mountain Ski”, based on Vail Mountain in Vail, Colorado, is yet another one of Jerry’s spiritually inspired tracks, and an ode to life, which talks about enjoying a day filled with snow, and lasting friendships.

“Though I never skied, I do have some personal experiences in the Vail and Beaver Creek resorts,” commented Jerry Collins, talking about his single, “Rocky Mountain Ski”. “Skiing’s about getting out there with your friends and having fun. Surfing on the backs of dolphins or floating on a dream boat through the cries of Christ. The closest feeling to flying with wings you will ever get,” recites the chorus.

You might not realize it, but songwriters like Jerry Collins get in touch with themselves in a way many people don’t. They really listen to their inner feelings, and they learn to translate what they feel into songs. Jerry’s ability to synthesize all of his knowledge and experiences, and then go on to create a positively uplifting narrative, is at the heart of his artistic practice.

While many of us long for something or someone to make sense of life and help us find some meaning, Jerry has already found his in faith. The root of all our knowledge and experience in the world is through our senses, external and internal, and “Rocky Mountain Ski”, subtly excites those senses. There is a wealth of lyrical imagery promoting feelings and spiritual impulses that lurk in the depths of the song.

Inspirational feelings and thoughts cascade through your mind as soon as you stop and tune in to the lyrics: “Riding on them chair lifts up to the top enjoying. The splendor of Vail Mountain and anticipating. The adventure of skiing a fresh carving of snow. To provide downward speed through the trees.” These words will be followed by moments of incredible clarity, even transcendent understanding and more.

Once we take stock and make sense of everything beautiful and harmonious around us in nature, we can begin to make sense of ourselves. And again that is what the lyrics achieve in “Rocky Mountain Ski”, showing us all the splendor of an outing experienced at Vail Mountain. Jerry Collins seems to be creating music as a vehicle for spiritual healing and transformation. He is attempting to tweak our outlook and bring a sense of peace, comfort and love to this world.


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