Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif – “Magik” sounds like a certified smash!

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif made his presence known during late 2019 with the release of the single “Dead2daWorld”. Through 2020 he has been building up his streaming listeners and followers with a number of single releases, including “Magik”, which is also featured on the album “How Can I Rest”. The Raleigh NC, native has delivering quality material, but this single may just be his best so far – “Magik” shows a determined Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif, ready for his own spotlight in the new decade.

To start, Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif brings a focused cadence and an urgent flow with the song “Magik”. Much of the song has the sound of succinct, rapid fire bars, over dark and dynamic piano-driven backdrop. The strength of the track emerges instantly from the opening bars, as the rapper lays down a warrior’s anthem to uplift and inspire life’s fighters.

The opening bar of the first verse, quickly displays Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s determination to make a name for himself in a field of rappers with tons of notoriety and established fan bases. “Magik” shows Uknomewel confidently establishing his sound as opposed to him chasing a sound highly comparable to that of his contemporaries.

Modern rap music rarely gets the respect it deserves. The general lack of lyricism causes the new wave of rap to be looked down upon when compared to classic old school, or traditional hip-hop. In order to get any respect, a new wave rap track needs to be very special. “Magik” is that track – regardless of its up-to-the-minute flow, and trend-setting beat.

Throughout the track Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif certainly makes a forceful impact. He proves to be a more than capable storyteller, an excellent lyricist, and an astute messenger. All of which loads the bases for Uknomewel to knock it out of the park with the heavy hitting “Magik”, which uses a stunningly cinematic and thumping beat to showcase his effortless ability to flow.

“Magik” encapsulates Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s prime ability to not only make music with a powerful message, but also worthy of passionately head-nodding to. Stellar production certainly helps in this regard, along with Uknomewel willingness to inject real energy into the track when needed. What’s most impressive is the lack of any bad or weak elements in the song at all. From the beat, to the lyrics and flow, everything maintains a consistently high quality.

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif also flaunts his rhythmic approach, which is always decipherable, and always giving off vibes. The overall sound of the record is both warm and hard-hitting, along with the animated piano motifs.  Couple that with one of the most authentic, energetic, and potent flows from the Raleigh rapper, and “Magik” sounds like a certified smash.

“Magik” is a crucial moment for Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif’s role in the underground rap game, and he stepped up to the plate with a cohesive, career-elevating single.


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