Twon – “Fxck Promises” is a perfect introduction to his talent!

Twon is an independent artist from Chicago. He is currently promoting his single “Fxck Promises” produced by ybhbeats. He is one of the many young Chicago rappers who are finding their own lane in a constantly evolving rap game. Twon resists any categorization that exists largely for the benefit of suburban audiences, bringing listeners into his song along pathways of emotional storytelling, wherein no part of his character are ever purged or sublimated, but remain an integral part of what informs his unique perspective.

“Fxck Promises” is a confident, measured play to the rapper’s strengths, tempered by subtle melodic shifts and smooth conversational flows. The emotional ambivalence his voice delivers, translates well onto the record’s sparkling piano-driven production palette. Twon is bringing an infectious, life-breathing vibe to the ever-changing environment of rap.

He understands how to look back without getting too sentimental, and he remains guarded while combing through his emotion-filled thoughts. Twon delivers a powerful performance on “Fxck Promises” and when his voice hits the occasional twisted high, he offers glimpses of the depth and complexity in his story that most headlines can’t convey.

As previously mentioned, ybhbeats was tasked with producing this track. To put it mildly, he did an excellent job on this project. His production is soothing, blending Twon with new age elements, while allowing him to be unrestrained, dropping his bars on a rich but relaxing beat. Twon is a nuanced, melodic rapper, and the beat coinciding with him shows a great use of instrumentals.

“Fxck Promises” two and a half minutes long, which furthers the feeling that Twon has no time for excessive meanderings, cutting to the chase immediately and staying focused all the time. Introspection always adds a certain depth to music, and not just because it makes an artist appear more honest and vulnerable. It just creates an avenue for a more personal connection to the music. Twon knows how to perfectly tune into this frequency.

From the commanding opening notes of “Fxck Promises”, its clear Twon intends to prove that he isn’t a fleeting presence in Chicago’s vibrant rap community. It’s no surprise, then, that this track serves as a perfect introduction to his talent. Equally able to spit a fluid melodic-styled verse and squeeze the right amount of intensity out of every syllable. Twon’s soulful energy practically begs for this song to be played at maximum volume.

The brooding backdrop and booming bass of “Fxck Promises” provides the feel of a film score, while the piano chord combination, sounds driven, and has Twon following a very nice flow that produces impressively affecting verses.

Overall, Twon has all the wit, dynamism, talent, and ambition he could ever need to launch himself from obscurity to prominence. He just needs to keep propelling his momentum until he rises above the noise. “Fxck Promises” can serve as an initial inspiration to get up and make it happen.

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