Sean Chris – “Taylor’s Sacrifice” – a rarity in today’s music scene

Sean Chris is a skilled artist who simply doesn’t waste a bar, whether he’s singing the hook or rhyming to the rhythm. He’s the type of artist that will give you that urge to rewind his verses over and over again. With his angular, resonant tone and a natural affinity for melody, Sean brings you his blend of Hip-hop and Trap with bluesy, soulful textures, on his latest single, “Taylor’s Sacrifice” out via KTMB PRODUCTIONS. Writer, rapper, engineer, and host of the Kill The Mockinbirds podcast, Sean Chris is a California transplant now located in Michigan. The lyrics in his single are fairly deep and reveal their meanings when internalizing the direct messages pouring out from the sound system.

Personal lyrics like those detailed in “Taylor’s Sacrifice” work to draw the listener into the head of the artist. When listening to these lyrics, one is able to empathize with Sean Chris, and they add to an already enjoyable listening experience.

The fact that Sean Chris uses slower melodic flows rather than hard fast rap here, gets his message to the listeners more effectively. Using the extremely soulful singing voice, he almost gives his words a hint of somberness that works extremely well to present the theme.

The dark and slapping production in “Taylor’s Sacrifice”, complements the tone and lyrics to perfection, as Sean Chris is able to the listener to focus on both the lyrics and the beat in almost equal measure, a rarity in today’s music scene, where the beat and the vibe usually dominate tracks. The song really helps show Sean Chris vocal ability while simultaneously showcasing his rapping, lyrics and storytelling.

Fueled by vulnerabilities, pain, and ambition within the cycles of love and the grind, Sean Chris delivers a most refreshing, relatable body of work. Every emotion that you can feel, you’re able to wholeheartedly feel here. Add the mysterious charisma of Sean’s persona, and “Taylor’s Sacrifice” creates such a vibe that will move each and every single listener who gives this a couple of spins.

The track gives listeners a deep look into the mindset that drives Sean Chris and truly exposes each and every layer of his incredible talent. On “Taylor’s Sacrifice”, Sean finds himself analyzing, evaluating, and ultimately critiquing his life choices and experiences that have led him to where he is throughout the track.

He is immensely transparent as he tackles these elements with a will to triumph over each and every one of them. Dark and raw, the wordplay is clever and relays the messages Sean Chris is wanting to send out.

The chorus is truly mesmerizing as voice and music comes together. It is the perfect infusion of Trap, Rap, and Pop catchiness, literally creating this timeless effect that listeners will simply not get enough of. It’s intoxicating.

Ultimately, the production is just as hypnotic and makes you feel as if you are being swept away on a wave of shadowy turbulence. You literally don’t even have to currently be in a relationship, or dealing with anything, to feel Sean Chris and his passion on “Taylor’s Sacrifice”.



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