Connor Stewart – From Harry Styles Impersonator to Finding His Own Unique Style

Connor Stewart has released his single “SunKiss” (Feat. Megan De La Torre) via Unfair Records.

Why release this single on April Fools you might ask? Well, if you’ve ever been a fool for love this song is for you. “SunKiss” was inspired by an interaction Connor had with a girl at a TCU-SMU Football game around September 2019. Connor thought this particular girl was interested in him, only for him to ask her for her number, and she said “If it’s meant to be, we’ll find each other” with the sun hitting her face, in a bamboozling fashion.

Connor thought about how silly that was, being a Sunny day and fate being involved the idea of “SunKiss” came to fruition. “I’ve seen my close friends and family even that squirrel from across the street find their soulmate before me, this song is for anyone that’s still waiting for the one they call home, or in my case ‘sun kiss’,” explained Connor.

“SunKiss” takes the call & response catchy pop song to another level. It’s the “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” of 2021. This track features the vocals of Connor Stewart along with the beautiful yet powerful vocals of the super talented Megan De La Torre.

Music and Lyrics are written by Connor Stewart and produced and arranged by the exceptional James DuMaine, who is the best producer out there, bar none. People that don’t even like music will love “SunKiss”, which was recorded at the DuMaine Street Studios in Mansfield starting November 14, 2019. “This song is pure positivity and feels like being touched by the Sun,” Connor said.

Connor Stewart has busied himself this year trying to stay active; songwriting, managing events in Dallas to Houston, performing at seedy bars and occasionally day performing as a Harry Styles impersonator for little girls’ birthday parties. “I know that sounds weird but a Fresh Outta College Musician with not as much debt as you would think has to get creative during this job drought,” exclaims Connor, who is a funny, quirky yet pure-hearted soul, and is a bit eccentric as well.

Connor Stewart is a testament to someone that has pursued music from the get-go and never quit because there’s nothing else, he’s good at April Fools, he’s good at other stuff too. “I am not sure what made me want to dive deep into this industry, but it was the feeling I got when I listened to a fantastic song that completely changed my mood,” said Connor.

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