Abohov releases the song and video for “Queen of the Sun”

Abohov is a Slavic singer-songwriter, entertainer, actor, and rocker. He’s been doing music for almost all of his life (31) but only recently decided to raise the stakes and commit to doing music for the worldwide audience mentored by Ella Ray, also learning from the country rocker Tim Charron and the Latin pop lady Kristine Mirelle. He likes to farm, joke around, play cards and drive around with his Golf 2 oldtimer. 🙂 Abohov wrote the song while gardening with his Babushka (Grandmother) under the shiny sun of Prlekija influenced by a love affair.

He found the lady of my dreams, a really nice farmer woman and fell deeply in love. He actually wanted to marry her (still does), but she said he’s not the (a) real man for her, but suggested they could be friends. He knew he couldn’t be a friend, he lied so he could spend some more time with her, maybe convince her he’s not so bad after all. But it didn’t work out.

So after the whole story, while building the compost pile together with his grandmother he came up with this song. Queen of the Sun, because Prlekija, a region in Slovenia is also known as the land of the sun. It’s the same region where the lady of his dreams is from and where he wrote the song. And it’s also a big producer of quality vines (already beloved by Napoleons’ soldiers back in the day). 😉
Abohov is the author of the lyrics and the music. The guitar for the record was played by Aljaž Lipuš a great friend of his who was also the main studio recording and mix guy for the song. The mastering was done by his mentor Mrs. Ella Ray. The cover photo and other professional promo photos were shot by Masha Flogie. Mr. Tim Charron and Mrs. Kristine Mirelle are his marketing and publicity teachers.

Oh, last but not least he recorded the music video on the bench where he used to sit with his daisy when they were still “friends” co-starring Dedushkas finest (Grandpas homemade vine).

The song is available for free on his official website www.abohov.com

There is also a video about the story behind the song uploaded on Abohov’s Youtube channel:

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