Old Man Brandon – “Fallen Angel” unfolds an emotional and devastating narrative

The anguish people suffer around those who are dependent on substances has been fuel for thousands of beautiful, moving, raw and intense songs about addiction. Since almost forever, artists have used their lyrics and melodies to tell stories of their relationships with people who are dependent on drugs and alcohol. Their songs have satisfied the curiosity of the clean and sober, and eased the loneliness of those who are struggling with such ills. Old Man Brandon has released the song “Fallen Angel”. He says the track is for anyone who struggles with addiction, or knows someone who does. “This song, is to hopefully save a family member’s life,” adds the artist. “Let’s pray for them.”

The lyrics of “Fallen Angel” quickly makes us realize how vividly and fluidly Old Man Brandon is able to unfold an emotional and devastating narrative. “I watched you fall from grace, from the sky right on your face. What a shame all the talent had the world, but look what happened. Every day you wake up on a mission, chase that drug. Your whole family forced to watch it, begging you, but you won’t stop it.”

The song is delivered in a stream of consciousness as Old Man Brandon lets his pen and tongue run free unwinding every unsavory angle of the storyline – from the selfishness to the irresponsibility to the hopelessness addiction brings along with it. Two minutes and twenty seven seconds may seem like a short amount of time to unravel the devastation caused by substance abuse, but it is not.

Old Man Brandon, touches every uncovered nerve of the addiction process – for the abuser, and for all of those who are waiting for the dreaded call that says: “I’m so sorry she is gone.” “Fallen Angel” is a brutal and honest journey into the mind of Old Man Brandon as he lays the hard cold facts about addiction on the table, in the search for peace and stability. “Only you can save yourself, fallen angel,” recites the mellifluous hook.

The story on “Fallen Angel” is fully flushed out, but not in a way that gets boring or redundant.  Old Man Brandon says what he needs to say to give you the full picture in the end, and he does so using clear, straight to the point words and thoughts. He recounts with chilling imagery, so much so that you feel as if you were there to witness the events. Old Man Brandon has no problem with sharing powerful messages.

On “Fallen Angel”, Old Man Brandon spends his time delivering heartfelt insight into the struggles with addiction, for all concerned. It’s a topic that will resonate with many, plus there is a humanity and vulnerability to Old Man Brandon that will connect with most.

The song finds the artist hitting his stride with an effort as lyrically powerful and honest, as it is ear-warming. Nothing here is superficial, nor glorified, as done by so many others in the genre, desperate for dominance, above all else.

Connect with Old Man Brandon and his music on SPOTIFY and his social media @old_manbrandon.

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