ARIODD | The Odd Builder – “Story” is simultaneously mesmeric and striking

During the genesis of the post-grunge, new indie music scene, a young Jarhid Brown moved to a blossoming Portland, OR from remote Alaska with Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander, EL VY, Kaki King) and formed the rock duo Gravity and Henry.  The duo made use of new sample-triggering technology and integrated an early version of Ableton Live (1.3) to trigger samples and looping during live shows. Throughout the late 90s and early 00s, their ability to make huge complex sounds with just a drummer and guitarist drew serious attention during their tours. Tired of life on the road, Jarhid left the duo while Matt continued doing great things.

Jarhid Brown

Jarhid remained a session drummer and producer, staying active in music, although in the background. The complexities of life however, drew Jahrid into government service, amongst other things, which now sees him figure as a well-respected professional expert witness in matters regarding computer forensics and “hacking.” Jahrid’s musical passion and inspiration did not wane in the process, and transported him to produce and perform with various artists.

All the while Jahrid pursued his Ariodd project. As Ariodd, his interpretations of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna”, the flamenco version of Samuel Barber’s Adagio, as well as his homage to pioneers like DJ Shadow and Nightmares On Wax gained attention and respect from the industry, the media and musicians. In 2019 Bille Eilish sampled an instrumental version of Ariodd’s 2017 release “Heart/The Beat” (ISRC QZ8GY1709317) for her hit “ilomilo” released by Interscope Records.

Establishing himself as a distinguished, adventurous and scrutinized interpreter of modern musical art, its Jahrid’s hunger and willingness for challenging invention that makes him a progressive thinking musician, who never stagnates in one place for too long.

Hence followed his latest project ARIODD | The Odd Builder, which integrates his soulful vocals with his technical skills and overall musicality. The result of which can be savored on his stunning single “Story”, which is also supported by a captivating video.

Story artwork

Intensely haunting and bitingly chill at the same time, “Story” is a masterclass in brilliant musical and lyrical juxtaposition, set within a broody, disenchanted narrative. “Baby I Don’t like you, cause I got over you. I am a young mess. Girls are bad. I forget about us. Say another thing…what? No more crying please. I don’t want tears. You know how I’ll be so don’t try, to justify all your lies,” sings Jahrid. Underneath his nuanced and cautionary voice, a throbbing, perpetual beat drives the momentum until it locks into your brain.

It’s another bold, captivating and fulfilling statement, as only ARIODD | The Odd Builder could create, resulting in another testament to his singular and invaluable vision. Its essential narrative, matched with its ardent, atmospheric musical coating, and homogeneous rhythm, allows the song to be simultaneously mesmeric and striking. “Story” is powerfully moving, sonically beautiful, and texturally profound.

Multiple listening will unfold all the subtle layers of sound spread meticulously throughout the arrangement of “Story” to create its entrancing aura. It’s an unequivocally intelligent recording by an artist who continues to advance his craft.

You’ll need no previous familiarity with ARIODD | The Odd Builder’s catalog to dive right into “Story”. It’s accessible, and easily one of the best electronic singles of its kind, you’re likely to listen to this year.


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