Todd Michael Bradt delivers warm, fully fleshed out canvasses

Described as dynamic indie-spiritual-rock, Todd Michael Bradt’s music is warmly gorgeous and exhilarating, lyrically touching and relatable, emotionally powerful and truthful, as well as supremely sculpted, and deeply synergic. The singles “Precious People” and “Beautiful Mind” are sterling examples of why, when it comes to exhibiting the craft of a bona fide singer-songwriter, the organic and analogue formats, has, and always will be the most congenial to the ear. These are the kind of recording efforts that make you skeptic of people who are content to download shallow music with little appreciation for either the wider musical context, or artistic intent of the works at hand.

Todd Michael Bradt’s music is filled with universal positive messages that speak directly to the soul, and his aim, is explained as wanting to “facilitate connection to one’s most authentic self through the vehicle of consciously crafted music and to take listeners on a rewarding inner journey.”

Furthermore, like his favorite artist, Nick Drake, Bradt utilizes altered tunings to create unique chord shapes. The songwriter diligently explores the endless push and pull towards finding the light as he dissects his overarching theme of uplifting faith from every conceivable angle.

The songs use warm, fully fleshed out canvasses, to capture the music’s positive bent, as the melodies captivate and inspire. Todd Michael Bradt’s hypnotically veracious delivery, and intrinsic understanding of his material and devices, adds an extra depth of conviction to these tracks.

Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but you get the feeling that Bradt does not really crave stardom, as much as he craves successfully spreading his messages. This much transpires through the purity of his songs and performances.

From the moment you press play on “Precious People”, you’ll notice that Bradt eschews the general sound of your average radio hit which is still mostly generic, watered-down nothingness that lacks any flair or positive emotional punch to it whatsoever.

Acoustic guitars, resonant basslines, gently sweeping strings, and a steady drumbeat dominate a track that can only be described as heartwarming and poignant. Overtly spiritual, Bradt’s mellifluous tenor voice and all-embracing musical arrangement tend to vastly broaden the song’s appeal.

“Beautiful Mind” is where we hear just how beautiful a simple, more natural approach to music can feel. The shimmering guitars, rich harmonies, soul cleansing saxophone, lift this track above the usual fare you usually take for granted.

Beyond his obvious musical skills, Todd Michael Bradt’s appeal comes largely from his ability to maintain an honest connection with his music and lyrics. His talents are always at the service of the song and message, and never on showcasing himself as an artist. Though these obviously come through naturally on their own.

Todd Michael Bradt’s writing is supremely solid, but his vocals, arrangements, and instrumentation imbue these songs with something remarkable. What makes great music? Technical sciences aside, the answer to this question varies from person to person. A common response, however, is that great music makes you feel something. This is what Bradt sets out to do, and ultimately achieves, with both “Precious People” and “Beautiful Mind”.


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