DJ Rayn – “Better Days” will send a rush down your spine!

DJ Rayn, is a Dutch deejay and music producer. Initially a ghost producer for diverse artists, he has finally decided to step out of the shadows, and onto the plate with his dynamic 12 track album release called “Earth”, which is a multi-genre influenced blend of dance and pop music. It features a variety of stunning female and male vocalists who bring the songs to life.  DJ Rayn, who is currently working on a series of attention-grabbing singles, also plays in various bands besides working in the studio. Right now the producer is making waves with his banging uplifting anthem “Better Days”.

“Because there has been a lot of injustice in the world lately, discrimination, violence, dark days, and we live in fear during Covid, I want to offer people a little perspective through my music,” explains DJ Rayn, discussing the single. “This song is about hope, beautiful prospects and the better days to come. I hope the energy of this song will make us feel stronger. Hold on all, beautiful and better days are coming,” he concludes.

If you want uplifting, they don’t come much more uplifting than “Better Days” by DJ Rayn. It epitomizes everything that is massively captivating about the Dutch DJ. He electrifies the body and leaves a recharged sensation in the mind.

DJ Rayn knows how to tap into your senses with driving rhythms and intoxicating vocals to put your soul at ease. This song will send a rush down your spine every time you hear it. When you listen to the gritty mellifluous voice of the singer, you just know everything will be alright.

With his propulsive and positive sound, DJ Rayn taps into your auditory senses, pushing its limits and grappling with your feelings. With summer descending and hopes of the festival season being allowed to takeoff – depending on which part of the map you’re on – this is one song you want on the playlist. DJ Rayn is all too happy to provide pelvic-throttling encouragement for “Better Days”, with a song that is immediately gripping.

Rarely has popular music pushed the aesthetic boundaries of any particular genre, but this seems particularly true with EDM. Most of the pop crossover hits are riddled with clichés, and lack nuance, and most producers don’t handle male vocals very well.

This is not the case with DJ Rayn, who firstly, selected an outstanding vocalist, and then designed a tight-fitting, high-energy, and groove-driven soundtrack around that voice. The result is a euphoric experience where the music forces your body to embrace your feelings.

If this track doesn’t encourage you to keep fighting the battle for a better life, what will? Everyone loves an empowering, inspiring song, and DJ Rayn has managed to put an excellent one together with “Better Days”.

So while the world can seem so dark at times, you can outshine any negative vibes with the kinetic power of this single. It’s easy to forget everything around you with this track blasting through the sound system. With a few smart marketing moves, DJ Rayn has all the potential to create a worldwide phenomenon with his sound.


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