Cory New – “Face (Again)” – personal storytelling and authentic emotion

Cory New is a Pop, Dance and R&B artist based in Chula Vista, California. When outside starts to form a cool breeze and summer is in arrival, the desire to reconnect with past loves that got away, or find newer feelings and connections is on a high. In a time where the world’s future is as uncertain as our love lives, connecting through the sound of that desire is wildly crave-able. Cory New hones in on with his latest single, “Face (Again)”. Smooth yet non-conventional vocals, are laid over a breathy, vibrant but atmospheric soundscape, as Cory goes between singing and sending out his message: “I wanna be right there with you. I wanna stand right there with you. I wanna be right by your side.”

If you’re expecting prodigiously soaring vocals, or technically acrobatic verses, you’re in the wrong lane. Cory New is the absolute antithesis of style-over-substance. Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles.

Though his voice is at the forefront of the action, he doesn’t fall into the trap of over-singing, or even placing the emphasis on the voice in itself. If he did have those self-conscious aspirations, his voice would be drowned in the same auto-tuned effects used by most of his contemporaries.

Instead, Cory’s style is confiding and close-up, almost diary-like in its effect. The music is given heft by deep basslines and crisp beats, but it’s mainly textural, a backing for his narrative. Essentially it’s the message in the music that animates Cory’s creations, and especially “Face (Again)”, which is a heartfelt plea to a lover. “I wanna see you face again,” sings Cory, eschewing the artificial deliberation of saccharine vocal notes, for the immediacy of his lyrical solicitation.

Cory New’s voice is entwined around the brooding beat as though drawn by a dark gravity: “Let me be the light in your heart,” he continues, the yearning and desire in his voice is almost tangible.

The impression is that “Face (Again)” is lyrically a personal track to Cory as he tackles love’s intricacies head on with his pen and paper. Moreover, the song doesn’t rely on objectification and profanity, or even the element of embellished vocals.

“Face (Again)” plays out ‘nude and crude’ through its running time, avoiding all excess wizardry. Its sonic aesthetic is driven by the artist’s internal sentiments, and the, at-once appealing production, propelled by astral synths, resonating basslines and a thumping drumbeat.

What the track abandons in hyped stylistics, Cory New makes up for with personal storytelling and authentic emotion. Rather than fall prey to commercial all the pretty indicators, Cory nurtures and embraces “Face (Again)” as if it was his lover.

On “Face (Again)”, the unorthodox Cory New, shows us that there are more ways than one, in which we can connect with music, by sometimes dropping the stylish aesthetics and searching for the substance. It’s often a challenge to get outside of our usual musical safety net, but it could be more rewarding.


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