Grant Saxena – “Mango” – for those who crave something sweet and refreshing!

There’s nothing better than a house track that makes you feel alive, right? Los Angeles-based Grant Saxena aka DJ Sax knows a thing or two about that. Throughout the years, he has released some pretty high-octane/satisfying house music. His latest release, “Mango,” is one of his best releases to date!

“Mango” has everything you would want from a house song: Great build-ups, tons of bass, infectious synth lines, a nice tempo, and electrifying vibes. If the song is played in the proper venue, I have no doubt in my mind that it will get folks to either dance, pump their fists in the air, or feel a rush of energy. “Mango” arrives just in time for the summer, a season in which house fans tend to crave something sweet and refreshing.

“Mango” hopes for status on Hype Chart via Ruckus Records. Listen to the track HERE and don’t forget to support the artist by buying it on Beatport and all quality music outlets.

Because really… who doesn’t love a plump & juicy mango? 😉



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