Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson – “THIS STYLE” emanates confidence and refined artistic conviction!

Packed with full-throttle choruses, supple melodies and lashings of attitude, the single “THIS STYLE”, is the dancefloor-tinted sound of Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson smashing it out of the park. Successful performers in Germany, the Slovak-German singer duo have been working for German television and in various music projects for years and started their own radio show in 2020. The single, released on June 18th, and conceived together with producer and composer Lars Rettkowitz (Emperial Sounds), quickly moved up the Amazon Bestseller lists.

“THIS STYLE” is described as a love song dealing with seduction and romance that can also lead to negative experiences. The track marks the beginning of a new journey for the artists that they hope leads to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.  Though they have not yet decided whether to participate in Germany or in Slovakia.

“THIS STYLE” is pop escapism at its best, just when we need it most. The singers belt their way through the verses and choruses, all whilst remaining upbeat, optimistic and, ultimately, fun. At a time when we are all seeking escape and a return to our normal lives, Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson proves the value of pop beats and relatable lyrics for lifting our spirits.

From start to end, “THIS STYLE” is a cohesive and perfectly planned single. The immersive, funky dancefloor banger also introduces a nostalgic retro vibe whilst framing it at the innovative cusp of modern pop. Built on romantic lyrics and driving synth motifs, “THIS STYLE” hits its stride right from the opening bars. Never pausing in its relentlessly upbeat appeal, the striking vocals and deep, dance-heavy beat will hold your attention throughout.

Both Doro Farkas and Jordan Hanson’s powerful and assured vocals demonstrate the confidence and energy that underpins “THIS STYLE”. They sound emboldened, empowered and in control from start to finish.

The myriad influences of disco, dance and pop run throughout the track, to its advantage. Rather than blindly following a trend, Doro and Jordan, together with Lars Rettkowitz consciously craft a distinct sound for themselves.

“THIS STYLE’s” nod backwards does not simply replicate the sounds of the past, but uses and manipulates them to shape a record which sounds undeniably modern. The song takes the listener on a nostalgic ride to the future: whilst recalling the dance pop of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Catchy, bright and enthusiastic, the track leaves the listener with no option but to dance along and be pulled into its adrenaline-pumping world, if only for a few minutes.

Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson succeeds in building on their previous successes by layering their well-established vocals and commanding lyrics with new sounds in pursuit of a cohesive and innovative release that certainly puts them in the conversation.

The track marks a turning point in their careers, as well as marking them out from their pop peers. “THIS STYLE” is completely its own thing, refusing to fade into the background of the crowded field of contemporary pop music. It emanates the confidence and refined artistic conviction of Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson.


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