Eva Forte – “Waiting For You” – melodic and groove-driven!

Born in Moscow, and based in Amsterdam, Eva Forte is a talented artist, who has been a bass player in many notable rock bands in both Russia and the Netherlands. After taking a hiatus from the music business, she gathered her thoughts, continued to hone her craft, and came back with the will to create dance music. Which is exactly what she presents in her latest tracks – “Moon Dance”, “Waiting For You”, and “In All The Realities”. Until not too long ago, modern electronic music production had been a male-dominated art with females mostly contributing to vocals in a somewhat passive manner. The last few years, however, has seen a massive rise in female producers, DJ’s and musicians who are completely shattering all preconceptions of the dance music stereotype.

Eva Forte’s musical style can be described as melodic and groove-driven. She feeds her creativity into your system with rhythmic mixes that features slapping drums and rolling basslines, topped with warm synth-lines. This can be distinctly experienced with the single, “Waiting For You”, where she showcases her high energy, passion and ability to seamlessly weave together various influences and sounds.

You’ll find “Waiting For You” to be the perfect combination of a soothing, sultry grooves with a pumping, heavy beat that lulls you into a trance like state. You’ll find yourself grooving along with the track, almost as if you were truly in a state of hypnosis.  It’s easy to see why this track will gain traction with music and dance fans: it is emblematic of the sound of Eva Forte’s style, namely her focus on cerebral sounds with driving, but smooth beats.

The all-embracing sound, masterful production, forward-pushing momentum, and exquisite layering, highlight just how talented Eva Forte is at producing dance music. You will find it impossible to not dance and groove while listening to “Waiting For You”, but then the same can be said for “In All The Realities”, which is even more urgent and adrenaline-pumping in its concept and execution.

“In All The Realities” offers evidence to the fact that even tracks that speak to darker, foreboding musical themes, are superbly manipulated by Eva Forte. Industrial synths, jaunting basslines, and rollercoaster drums, set the markers for her distinctive sonic elements, including pulsating chord progressions. Listeners are left with a sense of euphoria and they enter Eva Forte’s unique and captivating sound design.

At the end of the journey, these tracks do exactly what they set out to do — that is, to transport listeners deep into the sound, the vibe, and the atmosphere, to become part of the pure kinetic energy that pervades the human senses. Eva Forte sonically traps the listener with an array of musical frequencies from every angle, giving plenty of character to her dynamically structured tunes.

With each track coming into its own, the more you listen to Eva Forte’s playlist, the more her sounds will pull you in. They prove that she is, and will continue to be, a force to be reckoned with in the dance music scene for years to come.


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