Tanja Carol – “Lost In Paradise” is both a sincere and powerful effort

Tanja Carol is a singer-songwriter based out of Switzerland. She was born into a musical family and took violin lessons from the early age of 4. Years later she was a delighted part of the audience reveling in the antics of Tony Manero in “Saturday Night Live”, shedding a tear during the opera “Aida”, or appreciating music films like “Pink Floyd – The Wall”. She started to gain stage experience between the ages of 16 and 18, singing covers, before finishing high school with a song project. Driven by her passion for the art, Tanja continued chasing her talent by taking singing lessons with singer and vocal coach, Sharon Harris in Basel. And hasn’t stopped since, despite all of life’s many detours and meanderings.

Today Tanja Carol is the mother of 4 children, and beyond the duties and responsibilities involved with motherhood, she has still found the time to release her official debut single, entitled “Lost In Paradise”, while pursuing her musical dream. She has been astutely aided in this journey, by producer and project manager Francis Louis Bandelier. He encouraged and induced Tanja to write her own lyrics, as well as develop the melodies of her songs.

You can hear how much Tanja Carol has grown, not just in the words she sings, but the way she sings them, enunciating clearly and being careful to ensure that we hear and understand exactly what she wrote.  Tanja’s music is as much about the beat, the catchy melody and the vibe, as it is about the lyrics and the story.

“We dreamed a lifetime to find the right direction. We dreamed a lifetime for justice and perfection. Now I know this world is better than I ever knew. This world is better when someone is loving you,” sings Tanja.

Her voice shines here, as does her songwriting, making for an emotional rollercoaster of a song. As well as Tanja Carol admirable and desirable vocal flare, the track demonstrate choruses so catchy that you are humming them for hours on end.

It’s impossible to stop yourself from singing at the top of your lungs and dancing like no-one’s watching. Francis Louis Bandelier’s production, also makes sure that Tanja is following the sonic trends found in modern day pop and electronic music.

“Lost In Paradise” features a blend of radio friendly sounds and arrangement that probably satisfies the artist’s inner need to grow. It’s arguably here where the song is at its most arresting, as Tanja Carol strikes a perfect balance between confidence and vulnerability in her performance. “And we wanna have it all, without paying the price. We wanna see the rain and sunrise, and then we close our eyes, both close our eyes, ‘coz we’re so lost in paradise.”

All-round, Tanja Carol turns in a fantastic vocal performance across the board, in terms of controlling and understanding her vocal ability, while the song’s lyricism displays maturity.

“Lost In Paradise” is both a sincere and strong effort from Tanja, and composer-producer Bandelier. Tanja Carol may have worked hard, and waited long for this moment, but she wastes no time in exuberating her talents as a powerhouse performer. And she’s only just begun…


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