Phineas Blood – ‘Watch Me Burn’ is music in its natural state!

Listening to the Phineas Blood playlist, there are plenty of moments where the band shows they have the ability to craft songs with a unique balance of wistfulness and indie-rock groove, for an unspecified time and place in the past, and music that could start a retro-vibe blast right now. The New England based band, fronted by by J. Hayes and produced by Jeb Boyle deliver sounds that are sometimes driven by synths, and at other times, by crunchy jangling guitars. The band has released three singles out right now, while they have a full-length album forthcoming.

J. Hayes’ vocal delivery on the song, ‘Watch Me Burn’ is disarmingly straightforward, yet enchantingly tuneful, thus never feeling gimmicky. The organic drive of the backdrop is a perfect window-dressing for the group’s inherent hooks and melodies, and enhances the listening experience, giving the track a loose, unforced and natural charm. What makes Phineas Blood a truly great indie band (rather than just a good one) is the quality of their songs.

“I stole a pearl. You said you’d never tell. And that you’d never say a word. But it’s lost its shine. It doesn’t sparkle here. When you’re not mine. And if the sun explodes. And burns the world. I’ll make a lovely fire. Watch me burn,” sings J. Hayes, unfolding all the poetic sorcery of Phineas Blood’s astute lyrical canon.

The song possesses everything that’s good about Phineas Blood – surreal lyrics, an unpretentiousness delivery, essential cut-to-the-core production, and an irresistibly catchy sound. It’s the last of these that is most important.

Without the band’s capacity to craft genuinely catchy hooks and melodies, ‘Watch Me Burn’ would have just been another regular indie pop/rock song. Phineas Blood’s ability to create beauty from simplicity, letting the undeniably wonderful songwriting of the song shine through, is more than evident. The band succeed in walking the fine line between art and artfulness.

‘Watch Me Burn’ is music in its natural state, free from the modern belief that the trickery of the studio, and hyped up, technology filled arrangements contain the key to an ear-pleasing song.  Phineas Blood’s sound fizzes with raw elements that will enthrall the indie and retro scene.

Uncomplicated and smartly tweaked, ‘Watch Me Burn’ launches into its mid-tempo propulsion, weaving an irresistible tonal tapestry that also demonstrates the band’s melodic competence. The strummed guitar hooks that flow throughout the record’s run-time serves to anchor the ears, allow listeners to pursue J. Hayes’ elegant vocal melody and intriguing narrative.

Tidy in timing and tight in chords, ‘Watch Me Burn’ is an earnest song that packs a lot of punch in its measured delivery. Phineas Blood’s deft ear for indie music’s essential ingredients almost makes a mockery of the bombast-obsessed music scene, and the songwriting poseurs that inhabit it.

Soaked in solid, grounded sounds, and excellent musicianship, ‘Watch Me Burn’ is a perfect encapsulation of Phineas Blood’s overall aesthetic. With this release, you’ll find a reason to discover and celebrate tasteful flavors of music that you may have missed from another era, and which Phineas Blood bring into the here and now!


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