“Viel Zu Viel (Remix)” is an excellent demonstration of AK-Official’s strengths!

Artjom Grecksch, aka AK-Official, is a rapper from Eltmann in Lower Franconia, who grew up and went to school in Perm until he was eleven. He moved to Germany with his mother in October 1998, leaving behind his relatives and his former life. During his school years, he discovered music and the graffiti scene. Soon he began to make hip-hop and experiment with a few former friends. Ten years later, he released his debut album “Endlich” – which means “Finally” – and has since turned his hobby into a passion and craft which lead him, along with OneFamRecords, to achieve considerable success in 2015 with the single “High Life”.

In 2021, AK-Official dropped the single “Viel Zu Viel (Remix)”, which was originally composed and recorded by well-known rapper Dreyko. The pull to tap into this song was undeniably strong, to witness just how AK-Official managed to enhance a song that already had a strong melody, a powerful atmosphere and a solid banging beat. The wait was brief. After thirteen seconds, the vocal interludes start to add extra dynamics, and forty-four seconds later, AK-Official unloads his opening verse.

AK-Official approaches hip-hop with the mindset of a purist but without the fear of progress and the modern new wave sound. His versatile flow sits comfortably between Dreyko’s melodic hooks to add a deeper dimension to “Viel Zu Viel (Remix)”. The tone of AK-Official voice is rich and textured with a record-popping quality. Each bar from the rapper feels essential, as though the track will stop spinning if he puts down the mic.

The production across the entirety of “Viel Zu Viel (Remix)” is exceptional, as is the hook, sung by Dreyko, but somehow AK-Official always remains the music’s central focus on this version.

Even if the subject matter does not apply to the listener, maybe due to not being able to understand German, they’re still instantly captivated by the passion spilling out from each word. One thing that makes this project so enjoyable is the contrast between the voices. Dreyko voice floats like a cloud, while AK-Official cuts through the beat.

“Viel Zu Viel (Remix)” carries over all the hallmarks of a great single project. There is a lavish approach to the beat. A consistent melodic atmosphere that creates the vibe and stellar rapping that is slippery and forceful in the same breath.

AK-Official performs with constant forward momentum, each syllable pushed with the right amount of emphasis. His stream-of-consciousness flow propels ahead hypnotically, picking up rhyme patterns along the way. He is rhythmically unshakable, finding a groove and effortlessly remaining there. AK-Official’s ability to immediately get to a particular cruising altitude is impressive.

“Viel Zu Viel (Remix)” is an excellent demonstration of AK-Official’s strengths. He proves to be one of the most interesting new voices in Germany’s underground rap scene. The year 2022 presents itself as an interesting one for the rapper, who has signed a deal with the Hessian management agency AgenturNMM – Newcomer-Music-Management with plans of national and international projects in the pipeline.

Website: https://solo.to/ak-official
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akofficial.genuine/
Management: https://newcomer-music-management.de/

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