Seye Odebiyi – “I Think I Can” – an emphatic certification of craftsmanship!

Based in Toronto, Canada by way of London, England, by way of Ile-Ife, Nigeria, Seye Odebiyi uses his musical exposure from different countries to feed into his creative process. “What I do not want to do is to sound like everything else,” states Seye. He is a true musical savant. He sits behind the boards to producer, then scribbles lyrics to turn into songs before sliding up to the microphone to sing joyfully or rap urgently.

Seye Odebiyi mixes crisp R&B grooves with 21st century pop production and classic soul, funk or whatever other genre he feels like dabbling in. He also peppers in touches of witty rap when he needs to. In a time when modern music is leagues away from its creative origins and mainstream music’s maturity is regressing, Seye feels like an outsider in an industry that should be pushing him into the forefront.

All across his catalog, Seye Odebiyi has proven himself to be smooth, skilled and versatile, given his work ethic. Among all of his qualities, being stuck in a rut is not one of them. His single “I Think I Can” has somehow harnessed the essential elements of Seye’s craft. He takes decontaminated musical ideas and incredible purifies them into a fully crystalized sound. Seye simply has the capacity to turn gold dust into diamonds.

“I Think I Can” runs on a simple bouncy beat, playful keys and mellow harmonies. On top, Seye lays down a conversational, singsong melody, driven by his usual storytelling lyrics. On paper, this arrangement probably sounds rather elementary. In reality, however, it is a gorgeously sophisticated mix, which stimulates the senses. Not to mention the lyrics which are subtly meant to inspire and empower.

The title “I Think I Can”, actually refers to all the times somebody doubted Seye Odebiyi ability to achieve a specific desire, goal or task. His response has always been what you read in the title. If anything, the song is also about the self-doubt we put in our own hearts and souls, and which often stops us from succeeding. Mostly though, “I Think I Can”, makes a good motivational song.

“I Think I Can” features crisp instrumentation that easily locks into place like clockwork. It completes Seye Odebiyi’s introduction to the world as one of the most grounded and skilled artists in the underground scene. His all-round artistry and charisma truly make him a rare talent. With this new release, Seye proves he can make a groovy song for just about any topic, as he continues to put his best foot forward.

Like the best of Seye’s music, this single effortlessly combines groove and melody, with its creator’s admirable performing skill. A testament to all that makes him such a fascinating anomaly in our modern musical landscape, “I Think I Can” is an emphatic certification of the craftsmanship offered by the multi-faceted Seye Odebiyi. “I Think I Can” is the sound of an artist that is boldly venturing off down his own path. In future, many may be able to follow him, but none will ever catch up.


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