Winnette – ‘Hallelujah’ is evidence of her inspiration!

If faith is a strong factor in your life, then you know you need the Holy Spirit and the power of God to set you free. Sometimes though, you may find yourself down in spirit, and may need some inspirational coaxing to pull you up, and out of that mindset. Indeed, performers like Winnette are able to put their personal experiences into song form, to remind you of the the victory and power you have in Christ Jesus. This is what she achieves with her praise anthem and single, ‘Hallelujah’ – a song of gratitude, praise, victory and joy.

Winnette is a gospel artist from the UK who is a songwriter, a praise and worship leader and speaker. She grew up singing in church with her siblings from the tender age of 6, and has performed at local and international events.

The song ‘Hallelujah’, is a declaration and affirmation of positivity from Winnette’s perspective. Play it in the morning to start the day off correctly, to focus the mind, and to prepare for the tasks of the day.

The lyrics of ‘Hallelujah’ are powerful, and backed with a pomp Afrobeat styled soundtrack, which helps promote the authority in Winnette’s voice, while also giving the track a distinctly modern rhythmic feel.

With her resonant register soar, the full force of Winnette’s glorious pipes is unleased on this single, where a rich choral backing also vigorously supports her lead melody.

It’s mighty hard to just sit back and only take in Winnette’s vocals, simply because of the infectious energy of the rhythm and upbeat style that the song offers. Really, you have to stand up and move to savor the entire experience at its fullest.

Ultimately, Winnette’s melodic, soulful voice combined with the song’s groovy, upbeat momentum makes you want to get up and dance your way out of any depression or sadness.

This beautiful and uplifting song was clearly written with a mission, and Winnette’s performance is at an all-time high here as she distributes positivity. It is all about the energy of the beat and the message of the lyrics, while the melody swiftly catches listener’s interest. The lyrics are what count here because that is the real message underneath the contemporary beat which drives ‘Hallelujah’.

Winnette takes listeners through a worship and praise experience and shows her individuality on ‘Hallelujah’. The track is a testament to Winnette’s fundamental Christian identity, evidence of her inspiration, and an emblem for her victories. Her heart is filled with gratitude and it shines through here.

What’s incredibly impressive about the record is its sound, which steps away from the expected. Overall, there is much to celebrate and enjoy here – from the lyrics, to the music, and Winnette’s resonating vocals.

Here’s hoping she continues to deliver these important messages, to an audience, who in these present times, need this type of spiritual reinforcement regularly. Winnette is getting ready to take the independent Christian music industry by storm, and ‘Hallelujah’ makes a great calling card.


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