Mon’ro – “Steppaz” lets his effortless flow take the wheel!

Mon’ro is an artist out of Houston, TX but he also represents Orange, TX where he graduated, as well as Vinton and Breaux Bridge, Louisiana where he was born. He has been pursuing music seriously for 7 years but has been rapping since middle school where he made an impact with a song he created for a soda brand. Mon’ro currently steps up to the plate with his latest single, “Steppaz”.

The moment an artist comes into his own is always a beautiful thing to witness. During the journey of mastering his craft, he comes to a point where he realizes exactly who he is, artistically speaking.

It’s evident that Mon’ro has grown substantially both as a musician. He approaches his artistry with more intention, and exudes a higher level of surefooted. On “Steppaz”, he gives his listeners a glimpse into the psyche of a rapper dealing with the effects of being totally in control of his grind and hustle. Mon’ro puts a multitude of emotion and grit into what is undeniably a phenomenal body of work.

We hear about Mon’ro’s vices, but also about the virtues, which allow him to excel in so many endeavors. The wordsmith’s frenetic flows and intricate rhyme schemes are a delivery system for his bag of flexes. The production is grand, and bumps with a bass-booming vengeance, creating a vibrant foundation for the unstoppable chants on top.

While the propelling beat gives the track a better sense of wholeness, “Steppaz” is at its best when Mon’ro lets his effortless flow take the wheel. He speeds up, then slows down and stretches his cadences like an elastic band. Mon’ro has certainly been honing his skills for the past few years. His verses are more focused than ever and his flows have evolved to a point of perfection.

Mon’ro doesn’t pull punches on this single; everything that he has excelled at in the past – vibrant vocal tones, rhyming fluency and powerful wordplay – has all been amplified. The straight-ahead banger allows Mon’ro to flex his intense, personality-filled delivery, as he proves his dominance over the beat in front of him.

He has never sounded this passionate, rapping with a muted intensity that allows his voice to shine through. Mon’ro covers all his bases in a masterful way, showing his mastery of tone and communication, as he spits lines that hit their target clearly. His hard work and love for his craft shines through.

It is increasingly harder for artists to differentiate themselves from the masses in an ever-expanding rap scene. Hence, you either step a level or disappear into the crowd. Mon’ro exhibits his prowess on the mic to hammer himself into the minds of all listeners.

With that dynamic in mind, Mon’ro has created something more notable with “Steppaz”. He has grown and he has arrived at this point with boundless energy. If you haven’t heard of Mon’ro before, you will after this track.

Instagram: @_itsmonro
Twitter: @_itsmonro

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