Luca Patrone – ‘Dissertation’ examines the value of communication

Although it can described as ‘new-age’, ‘ambient’ or ‘neo-classical’ in genre, Luca Patrone’s solo piano works reflect that of the popular music world in terms of accessibility. The self-taught Italian composer and musician, is able to crossover between acoustic and electronic music with effortless ease. His latest piano-driven track, is entitled ‘Dissertation’, and examines the value of dialogue, discourse, discussion, and debate, and all the things that make reciprocal communication such an essential element of our everyday existence.

Luca Patrone

If you’re an aspiring pianist or just enjoy the sound of a simple, beautiful melody, you will more than likely relish the sounds of Luca Patrone. The single ‘Dissertation’ is built upon gentle nuanced melodic patterns. Similar to the ideals of minimalism, less is always more with Patrone’s compositions.

This work is peaceful, comfortable and loving, and that is perhaps why it will capture your attention. More than parade technical excellence, Patrone’s music has a profound depth that touches and strikes feelings.

There is a sense of holding back at the beginning, like the music is still unsure of how much to play out. Similar to people who have just met and are finding ways to understand each other and exchange opinions. The use of smooth runs, graceful notes and the constant use of the high register, gives a gentle and relaxing atmosphere to the piece. The confidence in the music picks up as the melody is further developed.

More than simply parading technical excellence, Patrone’s music has a profound depth that touches and strikes feelings. Although the music in ‘Dissertation’ is seemingly cut from an uncomplicated mold, with a charming melody as its centerpiece, there is something rather unique about Luca Patrone’s ability to craft something so beautiful from just a few notes. Here melody and mood become two sides of the same coin.

The formal elegance of ‘Dissertation’, along with the underlying sense of yearning and clear surface beauty is almost exactly, what you might expect from a record like this one; it’s spare, it’s generally restrained, and it’s very appealing.

Patrone’s piano lines are lyrical and emotional, filling in the gaps where words would have been, and in a sense, saying just as much. There is a sublime sense of peacefulness about this performance I adored, one that allowed an ambient sense of tranquility to take over control of my mind.

There is something almost transcendent about ‘Dissertation’. Luca Patrone’s performance and his ability to create such a wonderful atmosphere with a simple musical structure, brings forth a sensitive yet splendid offering to enjoy.

Considering the various styles of music he creates, Patrone is obviously an artist in more than one sense of the word.  Each of his tracks is crafted with care, and attention to detail, but also each composition is its own art form, its own portrait of a specific ideal in life, that will improve your existence.

You will be fulfilled and soothed by the utterly charming musical narrative, ‘Dissertation’ has to offer. Its subtle balance of right hand melody and left hand rhythm is superb throughout, representing a small piece of calm and harmony in a turbulent world.


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