RAY-EYE – ‘Dittle’ recreates a classic, timeless momentum!

Raymond Jackson Jr. aka RAY-EYE is a veteran independent hip-hop artist and multi-instrumentalist producer from Gary, Indiana who has been making records for 15 years. He made his wide distribution debut in 2018 with the 7-song collection ‘Full Swing’, and has since released a total of four albums and a handful of acclaimed singles. RAY-EYE creates classic hip-hop vibes with a mix of live instrumentation, beats and samples, in his iLL DUST ENTERTAINMENT studios. ‘Dittle’ is the brand new single from RAY-EYE’s recent album ‘Constipation’, available worldwide via all major streaming services.

Right off the bat, ‘Dittle’ is full of fascinating production turns. Funky basslines, piano riffs and pizzicato keys bring a blend of vintage goodness and new age sonic wizardry. RAY-EYE delivers a superb vocal, filled with character, nuance and swagger.  He is one of the more distinct voices in the music industry, regardless of genre, and his distinctiveness shines through on here. Adding to the excellence of the song is brilliant production work, plenty of old-school groove, rich background vocals, and of course, agile, one-of-a-kind rap verses.

Characterized by its throwback sensibilities, ‘Dittle’ recreates a classic, timeless momentum.  The rhythmic piano and the rolling basslines are simply marvelous ear candy. Moving through the track, boxes continue to be ticked as RAY-EYE exceeds expectations rather than merely meeting them.  While keeping things fresh throughout, his musicianship is off the charts, proving he’s one of music’s more adventurous spirits.

RAY-EYE sounds incredibly awesome on ‘Dittle’, given his incredibly distinct pipes – rapping and singing – which radiate with personality. RAY-EYE’s ability to compose grooves that feel both airtight and dynamic at the same time, comes to the fore here. His artistic truth shines through the prism of his musical self-expression, creating something that sounds natural, while his charisma is there for all to see and hear.

It’s hard to think that RAY-EYE is an independent outsider in an industry that instead should be pushing him into the mainstream more than his peers. He proves himself to be skilled and versatile. Not only does he thrive at the style that got him here in the first place, but ‘Dittle’ has somehow harnessed the essential elements of RAY-EYE’s sonic templates. It takes the artist’s usual musical alchemy, and inexplicably makes it better.

‘Dittle’ features crisp instrumentation that easily locks into place like clockwork. A particular skill of RAY-EYE is how seamlessly he mixes the electronic with the organic. The new single completes RAY-EYE introduction to the world as one of the most grounded and rhythmically skilled artists in the game today. The artist is a jack of all trades, who can go from energetically singing to rapping rapid fire.

With ‘Dittle’, RAY-EYE proves that he’s an artist built to last and a musician who is earning his place in the conversation. In the era of futuristic rappers and trap music, ‘Dittle’ is a refreshing reminder that hip-hop can be thought provoking, catchy, classic and modern all at the same time. Moreover, ‘Dittle’ displays the multi-talented artist’s skills and lyrical ability extremely well. Whether it is the groove or the confidence and bars he delivers, you’ll be satisfied.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://open.spotify.com/album/2oUHiLgOrmi63YHlwu55IL?si=wLduPVNXQqurCBa8TZKl7A

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