Jared Henry – ‘Reborn’ – difficult subject matter presented in a way that coaxes a smile

Hailing from the hills of West Virginia, Jared Henry is a pop artist and songwriter bringing a unique perspective to his music. Raised in a very conservative family of nine children, his early musical influences stem directly from the church. However, a life of travel and entrepreneurship in his adulthood has led to a broadening of his horizons and a plethora of influences—from rock to pop to gospel to metal. Though his influences are eclectic, their nuances are tastefully noted within his writing and singing. He strives to do what many others have done before him, but in a way no one else has yet accomplished.

‘Reborn’ is a song born of hope in the midst of turmoil. The lyrics harken back to what once was, while simultaneously acknowledging the difficulties that currently are. It’s the story of a man who’s been hurt by those closest to him, but refuses to change who he is despite what’s been done to him. Eloquently produced by Johan Carpenter and Rob Maxey, ‘Reborn’ emphatically leads the listener through Henry’s own personal struggle, yet this difficult subject matter is presented in a way that coaxes a smile from all who will give it a chance.



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