Mooncult – “Grips the Air” – post-punk music that feels new and current

Mooncult makes post-punk music that feels new and current with the same ferocity that’s adored from my favorite bands in the past. Once you start listening you will just want to hear it all and to be in it. “Grips the Air” started with music I came up with while jamming with the band and after trying lots of different vocal melodies I landed with this one. The lyrics are about the moments in life where things feel good and how fast they are gone. This is fine if we are able to let go, but hurt us when we memorialize them and don’t move forward.

Having this great band and recording all the songs on “Grips the Air” is the greatest accomplishment of my life so far. It feels so good to have an outlet and to create sharing the words and stories that mean so much to me. A lot of changes have happened in the last couple years. I live in Brooklyn now after being in LA most of my life. Now with a new outfit and city I’m booking shows again and happy to be sharing these songs with the world and seeing what comes next.


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