Nova King is constructing his own lane with “Life Moves On” & “Help in This”

The hip-hop and rap scene is currently booming. It’s full of up-and-coming artists putting in the necessary work. Several of them even have the potential to leverage their local and online buzz into national hype. Nova King has always had a dream, to make music and share it with the world. One day, he realized that dream was possible and all it took was for him to just do it. He knows, it sounds so easy, but in reality, a lot of the time, he has found that when it comes to following his dreams, going for it is the best route. So here he is, sharing his story.

Many people say Nova King wasn’t dealt the best cards in life, and while he is not ignorant to that fact, he believes that it is what one does with those cards that counts.

Nova knows that he is far from perfect, but what he says is that he has been to some really, really dark places and feels like he can relate to a lot of people. He shares his story in hopes that others can relate to it and not feel alone.

Nova King is the writer and producer of music for his NovaKingStudios, where he put together the singles, “Life Moves On” produced by Ryini Beats and “Help in This” produced by Ryini Beats.

On these latest tracks, Nova King stays in his feelings in the best way, continuing to explore deep emotional caverns while avoiding over moody affectations across the gorgeous cuts. As he steps into the new year, don’t be too surprised if he brings some hard-earned attention to his brand.

Nova King has been constructing his own lane, artistically veering past artists of the often stagnant and repetitive music industry. Melodies, rhythm, and a unique rhyme pattern, is infused into “Help in This” ft. Dark Magic, to illustrate Nova King’s consistent musical journey.

The rapper’s keen sense for crafting catchy earworms and roaming wordplay collide beautifully with the sweetly mellifluous hook propelled by Dark Magic. If his tracks ahead are anything like this, Nova King’s should be well on his way to the marquee with a whole new vanguard of new fans in tow.

One of those aforementioned “tracks ahead” is actually, “Life Moves On” ft. Harley Warriner & Dark Magic.  It rolls out with jangling guitars and shimmering keys underscored by a throbbing drumbeat and a head nodding rhythm.

On top, Nova King highlights his smooth flow and smart wordplay. The rap scene will be in for quite a surprise to learn that the unsigned rapper is miles ahead of most artists on the block with a level of creativity and dedication that draws few comparisons. This latest single, is a delightfully dense and hopeful display of the rapper’s abilities, and it makes for one helluva statement piece.

Nova King is the latest in a peculiarly potent line of gifted and gracious artists working hard to grow his global resonance. While it remains to be seen whether Nova King can keep at it this well and for long enough, for now he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down too soon. The partnership with his producers and features is setting the scene for a convincing 2023.


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