MC Jonny T – “So Saucy” ft. Madd Scientist & Rick Ross – another top-notch release!

MC Jonny T is a highly-regarded rapper and one half of the music duo JTLR, which was a Grammy contender in 2020. With a discography dating back to 2004 and a reputation for his Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop style, Jonny T has made a significant impact on the music industry. MC Jonny T’s journey in music began with the independent release of his ‘Square One’ album in 2004, which is revered as a rare Hip Hop classic in the Japanese market. In 2005, MC Jonny T formed the Plumpah Humpah All Stars, which led to a record deal with UrbanDigital Records a year later.

The label released the group’s full-length album ‘The Workout’ in 2008, with MC Jonny T in control of marketing and promotions. The album is notable for being the first music video to air on MTV with a “plus-sized positive” focus on the beauty of women of size. To this day, MC Jonny T continues to champion underrepresented groups through his music.

Over the years, MC Jonny T has recorded and released music with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Island Def Jam Digital Distribution, Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and Intercept Music. He is also the co-owner of Rino Media Group (label), JTLR Music (production company), and apparel brands Punkdemic and Team Thickies.

MC Jonny T is known for his meaningful lyricism, smooth flows and rich resonating voice. As a former schoolteacher, he brings a unique style to his music, and has collaborated with legendary artists like Ras Kass, Capadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan, JTLR, and Rick Ross. His music is a reflection of his personal values and beliefs and MC Jonny T takes great care in the words he chooses and how he presents them, elevating his music to a level beyond just simple entertainment.

However, when MC Jonny T puts on his strictly entertaining and performance caps, as he does on the single “So Saucy” ft. Madd Scientist & Rick Ross, the listening experience is just as captivating and immersive. It boasts the same prestige and excitement that has come to be associated with any of his previous work.

From the moment the first notes are heard on this track, it is clear that MC Jonny T has once again delivered a recording that will be remembered. The production is top-notch, with a crisp and clear sound major label sound that highlights the instrumentation and the vocal performance.

The songwriting and vocal flows are equally impressive, highlighting MC Jonny T’s mastery of his craft. The effortlessly gifted emcee is an amalgamation of every facet of his artistry on “So Saucy” ft. Madd Scientist & Rick Ross, as the track blends hardcore raps, with easy on the melody, and a slapping beat.

MC Jonny T is a real-deal artist, who could easily sail on top of any production beat to global acclaim. Moreover, what sets MC Jonny T apart from other artists is his ability to create a unique sound that is both fresh and familiar. He blends elements of various musical styles to create a sound that is both innovative and accessible.

MC Jonny T’s journey in music has been a remarkable one, from the independent release of ‘Square One’ to becoming a Grammy contender as half of JTLR. His unique style, exceptional writing skills, distinct vocals and commitment to making remarkable bangers, elevate him to a standout position in the music industry.

With each release, listeners can expect a vocally and musically satisfying experience. “So Saucy” ft. Madd Scientist & Rick Ross is the ultimate highlight of an extraordinarily versatile and committed industry-savvy artist who keeps pushing his career to the next level.


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