P.E.P – “On A Wave” & “Buss It” – a perfect blend of luxury, grit and lyricism!

P.E.P is an artist, songwriter, and musician. The nickname P.E.P stands for his full name, Prezidor Ezemweghian Porbeni, which is of Nigerian origin. He was born in Nigeria but raised in the Bronx, New York, and has been writing music for over a decade. He raps, sings, and plays the drums, piano, and guitar. After a period of dormancy in music due to incarceration, P.E.P has recently released several new songs. The first of his new singles, “On A Wave”, was released on Friday, January 20th, 2023 and showcases P.E.P’s independent style and focus on staying in his own lane. The second single, “Buss It”, was recorded last year and dropped on Monday, January 23rd, 2023. It is about hustling to achieve success in life, and was delayed for release until the production was to P.E.P’s satisfaction.

P.E.P’s music provides a perfect blend of luxury, grit and lyricism that results in masterful rap projects an artist at the top of his game. P.E.P is without question, a standout in the underground hip-hop scene. What sets him apart from many of his peers, his ability to evolve and improve on each release. The combination of P.E.P’s intricate flows, creative melodies and witty wordplay alongside creative instrumentals make for impressive releases.

“On A Wave” sees P.E.P in full melodic mode. The smooth, chill instrumental provides a perfect canvas for the artist to weave a mesmerizing, and soulful mellifluous vocal stem, which still leaves space for his tongue-twisting wordplay.

Every verse has a hidden depth on top of P.E.P’s surgical dexterity. That said, the standout element for first-time P.E.P listeners will be his flow and vocal flexibility. His technical ability ensures that he succeeds in every style he approaches.

However, P.E.P’s proficiency is not without substance. The content of the lyrics in “On A Wave” is introspective throughout. This balance of reflection and self-assurance is not unprecedented in hip-hop, but P.E.P’s unflinching willingness to unfold this self-empowering topic is nonetheless impressive.  While P.E.P’s reflections give the track a personality, his distinctive voice and delivery is the glue that holds everything together.

Each track in P.E.P’s catalog has its own identity because of the artist’s ability to choose beats of disparate styles and then execute the appropriate flow for each song. This ability to choose a wide variety of beats rather than sticking to one sound should be commended, especially given the homogeneity that seems to dominate hip-hop today.

In fact, “Buss It” is a whole different creature. P.E.P’s tough, no-bullshit raps are cut from the cloth of urgent classics. His proven ability to thrive on any sort of rap production comes to life here.

“Buss It” is a firestorm of epic rhyming couplets and mind-blowing one-liners, with P.E.P flexing his lyrical prowess throughout the entire track. The pulsating beat serves as a platform for P.E.P to unleash his raw talent and unmatched confidence, crafting a memorable musical experience.

Fans are left with an abundance of memorable quotes, yet it’s P.E.P’s fluid flow that truly steals the spotlight. P.E.P puts it all on the line and dominates effortlessly, radiating excellence in every aspect of “Buss It”.

P.E.P astounds with yet another innovative advancement, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of his signature sound. This release is a testament to his unwavering resilience, honed through creative experimentation and overcoming adversity.

With “Buss It”, P.E.P stands tall, unyielding in his authenticity, and refusing to compromise his unique character for fleeting mainstream appeal. He continues to chart his own course, solidifying his status as a pioneering force in his genre. Brace yourself for another breathtaking display of P.E.P’s artistic prowess, as he blazes a trail towards musical greatness, one unforgettable track at a time!


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