Casinos In Heaven’s Debut Album Brings The Heat

Gothic Rock band Casinos In Heaven, just released their debut album, marking a fundamental step in their music career. Founded in 2018 by the drummer and composer Tiago Ramos, has made a resounding mark with its inaugural release, “The Silence Of Our Thoughts.” This promising ensemble, led by the powerful vocals of Carla Claudio, brings a fresh take to the Gothic genre, infusing it with dynamic arrangements and atmospheric prowess.

Casinos In Heaven boasts a lineup of skilled musicians who collectively contribute to the band’s distinctive sound. In addition to Tiago Ramos on drums, the band features Carla Claudio as the mesmerizing lead vocalist, Nani Teixeira on bass, Iúri Ramos on guitar, and a roster of guest musicians, including Hélio Vieira and João Madeira on piano and keyboard, and the extraordinary Paulo Barros on guitar. The album was mixed and mastered in Denmark by the talented Jacob Hansen, ensuring a polished and captivating sonic experience.

With a strong foundation in Gothic rock and metal, the band’s exploration of sound, emotion, and storytelling shines through each composition. One of the standout tracks from the album is the compelling “Ravage.” This single not only showcases Casinos In Heaven’s musical talent but also serves as an enticing introduction to their distinctive style. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend powerful arrangements with Carla Claudio’s evocative vocals sets “Ravage” apart as a gem within the Gothic music landscape.

Another notable track is “The Edge Of A Fighter,” accompanied by a visually engaging music video. The song not only underscores the band’s versatility but also highlights their commitment to delivering a holistic experience to their audience. The video adds a visual dimension to the sonic narrative, enhancing the listener’s journey through the music.


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