RoseQ Rises: A Track-by-Track Journey Through “Issa Bout Time”

In the vast expanse of the European music scene, there emerges a luminary whose brilliance knows no bounds. David “RoseQ” Quelhas, a multifaceted artist hailing from Portugal, has embarked on a musical odyssey that defies conventions and redefines the very essence of contemporary hip-hop. With his latest album, “Issa Bout Time,” RoseQ unveils a magnum opus that not only showcases his unparalleled talent but also cements his position as a trailblazer in the industry. From the tender age of eight, RoseQ embarked on a journey that would shape the trajectory of his destiny. Serenading audiences with an innate charm, he swiftly transitioned into mastering the guitar by the age of ten, and by nineteen, delved into the intricate realms of music production. This profound foundation laid the groundwork for an astonishingly triumphant career, marked by a mesmerizing array of releases.

“Issa Bout Time” serves as a testament to RoseQ’s unwavering clarity of purpose and relentless pursuit of excellence. With each track, he fearlessly pushes boundaries, seamlessly intertwining diverse styles and techniques to forge a distinct sonic identity uniquely his own. The album begins with the atmospheric allure of “Intro,” setting the stage for the sonic journey ahead. With haunting melodies and captivating production, RoseQ invites listeners into his world with grace and finesse.

“Kila” dives into a dark and resonating soundscape, where RoseQ’s effortless flow and smooth wordplay take center stage. With thumping drums and haunting synths, this track sets the tone for the album’s exploration of introspection and vulnerability.

“Autumn Falls” mesmerizes with its slow, shimmering allure, offering a moment of reflection amidst the album’s dynamic energy. RoseQ’s emotive delivery and poignant lyricism shine through, capturing the essence of the changing seasons and the passage of time.

With “Do It Again,” RoseQ demonstrates his ability to seamlessly switch between styles and flows. The track’s haunting melodies and infectious hooks linger in the mind, inviting listeners to delve deeper into its introspective narrative.

“Tinderin” fearlessly explores the intricacies of modern relationships and societal expectations, offering incisive commentary on the pursuit of individuality amidst a sea of superficial connections. RoseQ’s witty punchlines and infectious energy propel the track forward, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

“Lingo” features clean ringing guitars and flourishing horn interludes, creating an organic backdrop for RoseQ’s smooth rap verses and melodic crooning. The track’s infectious energy and dynamic production showcase RoseQ’s versatility and artistry.

“Whodat Pt. 1 & Pt. 2” infuses a Latino flavor into the album’s sonic tapestry, adding layers of depth and complexity to the track. With resonant pianos, dynamic strings, and thumping drums, RoseQ crafts a mesmerizing soundscape that ignites the senses.

“Player” showcases RoseQ’s virtuosity as an artist, pushing boundaries and shattering expectations with its off-kilter melody and minimal beat. Through introspective lyricism and magnetic energy, RoseQ invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

“Weiue” continues the creative vein established in “Player,” offering glimpses of vulnerability and introspection within RoseQ’s verses. Against a backdrop of captivating production, RoseQ paints a vivid portrait of his emotional landscape, inviting listeners to explore the depths of his psyche.

“Streets” captivates with its streetwise lyricism and infectious melodies, enveloping listeners in a captivating embrace. RoseQ’s seamless fusion of genres and evocative production create a sonic tapestry that pulsates with energy and vitality.

“Why” transports listeners to a late-night soundscape, where RoseQ’s distinctive singing voice effortlessly glides over each note and beat. With its hypnotic allure and magnetic energy, “Why” leaves an indelible imprint on the listener’s soul.

“U, Me & Another” explores the complexities of love and connection, inviting listeners to reflect on the nuances of human relationships. Against a backdrop of mellow musicality and poignant lyricism, RoseQ crafts a track that is both relatable and thought-provoking.

“Let’s Get Together” showcases RoseQ’s keen ear for melody, mood, and rhythm, weaving together elements of captivating production and infectious energy. With its irresistible groove and unique sound, the track leaves listeners craving for more.

The album concludes with the reflective tones of “Outro,” highlighting the piano, horns, and spoken word anecdotes that have defined RoseQ’s musical journey. As the final notes fade away, “Issa Bout Time” stands as a testament to RoseQ’s artistry and vision, offering a captivating listening experience that solidifies his position as a noteworthy figure in the landscape of contemporary independent music in Europe.


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