I’MMORTAL is making waves across genres with her distinctive sound and artistic vision

I’MMORTAL, a dynamic music producer, vocalist, visual artist, and creative director based in both New York City and London, is making waves across genres with her distinctive sound and artistic vision. During her college years, I’MMORTAL discovered she had synesthesia, a neurological condition that allows her to perceive colors, textures, and even flavors when she hears music. This unique ability profoundly influences her approach to music production. She focuses on intricate sound design and textural elements, crafting tones and basslines that are not just sonically appealing but also visually stimulating.

Although she is passionate about EDM, I’MMORTAL’s musical foundation is rooted in classical music, thanks to her childhood spent playing the violin in various youth orchestras. This blend of classical and electronic elements creates her unique sonic fingerprint, seamlessly combining the two genres. Her lyrics range from whimsical and playful to deeply vulnerable and profound.

Her third single, “KILLED U IN A DREAM,” is an experimental pop track that contrasts with the playful tones of her earlier releases. This haunting anthem delves into themes of revenge, grief, and rebirth. Like her previous singles, “KILLED U IN A DREAM” is accompanied by a psychedelic music video. I’MMORTAL aims to continue the tradition of iconic music videos, recognizing their importance in enhancing the audience’s experience. Her music videos are a cathartic blend of CGI, landscapes, and animation, exploring themes of feminine rage and vulnerability.

I’MMORTAL’s synesthesia allows her to seamlessly fuse imaginative beats with otherworldly visuals. She frequently collaborates with artists from diverse backgrounds to create audio-visual masterpieces that often explore themes of death and rebirth, the natural versus the artificial, femininity, and her Asian American Pacific Islander identity.

In August 2023, she released her debut tech-house single, “Versace Spaceship,” followed by a cheeky electropop anthem, “Supervillain,” in October. Despite being a newcomer to the music scene, I’MMORTAL’s popularity is steadily rising, with increasing streams, monthly listeners, and hundreds of organic playlist placements.

“Though themes of feminine rage and revenge are present in ‘KILLED U IN A DREAM,’ the song is ultimately about rebirth,” I’MMORTAL explains. “During the two years I spent working on the track, rebirth was a massive theme in my life both personally and artistically. I wanted the track to reflect that sonically.” To achieve this, she incorporated an eerie BPM and key change midway through the song, creating a supernatural feeling akin to a snake shedding its skin. “My hope is that listeners who are in a liminal phase of their lives, facing the unknown in their healing journeys, can find peace in surrendering to the cycle of death and rebirth.”

Production-wise, she aimed to create a timelessly haunting feel. Classical elements like opera vocal samples and violins were processed with effects commonly used in electronic music, resulting in bending and stretching sounds that snake through the track.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://soundcloud.com/i-mmortal

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