The Anti-Queens Drop New Album “Disenchanted” with a Stunning Video for “Overthinking”

Toronto’s leading punk rock band, The Anti-Queens, have just unleashed their latest LP, “Disenchanted,” now available worldwide in digital and vinyl formats through Stomp Records. Alongside the album release, the band has debuted a captivating music video for the track “Overthinking.”

For over ten years, The Anti-Queens have been a dynamic force in Toronto’s music scene, driven by the fierce talents of Emily Bones and Valerie Knox. These women bring an electrifying punk-rock energy, challenging the male-dominated industry with their powerful performances and undeniable stage presence.

“Disenchanted” was recorded at Drive Studios in Toronto by Steve Rizun and Dave Baksh. True to form, the album is filled with infectious, hook-laden anthems reminiscent of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Distillers, Hole, L7, Lunachicks, and The Warning. Written by Emily Bones and Valerie Knox during the pandemic, the album is a deep dive into vulnerability, self-reflection, and the quest for self-worth. The band describes the album as a blend of “light and dark, bright and dreary, magical and kinda sad.”

The music video for “Overthinking,” directed by Michael Crusty and Valerie Knox and produced by Crusty Media, is a visual treat. Filmed in August 2023 in Uxbridge, ON, the video captures the warmth and carefree essence of summer, perfectly aligning with the song’s exploration of mental spirals. “Overthinking is about stressing over things beyond our control,” the band explains. “We wanted the video to reflect the carefree happiness of spending a sunny day with a best friend, contrasted with more introspective indoor scenes.”

The indoor scenes, shot in January 2024 at GS209 in Etobicoke, ON, feature the band performing in a brightly lit white room, dressed in black to heighten the visual contrast. The use of projection techniques, overlaying summer footage onto the studio walls, seamlessly blends the two worlds, enhancing the song’s emotional depth.

Founded in 2012 by visionary singer/songwriter Emily Bones, The Anti-Queens have carved a unique niche in the international punk rock scene. Their sound, a mix of raw energy and lyrical depth, has captivated audiences across Canada, the United States, and Europe. They have shared stages with notable acts like Danko Jones, Streetlight Manifesto, and Protest The Hero, and performed at major festivals including 77 MTL, Montebello Rockfest, and Pouzza Fest.

Throughout their journey, The Anti-Queens have embodied resilience, creativity, and the unbreakable bond of music. Their story is one of adaptation and inspiration, connecting with fans through electrifying performances and a steadfast commitment to their craft.

With “Disenchanted,” The Anti-Queens deliver a collection of massive pop-punk-rock anthems, ranging from defiant ragers to heartfelt angry love songs to scathing social critiques. This album is poised to be the summertime favorite for rebels, misfits, and outcasts everywhere.








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