Mad Mike of Dual Diagnosis Unleashes a New Visceral Chapter with “Nature Of The Beast”

In the bustling landscape of underground hardcore hip-hop, Dual Diagnosis has carved out a niche that is as distinctive as it is compelling. Hailing from New Jersey, the dynamic duo of Mad Mike and Paulie Walnutz has been blending their rap with a number of exhilarating stylings since the early 2000s, delivering a potent mix of intense lyrics and electrifying soundscapes. Now one half of that duo, Mad Mike releases the project’s latest EP, “Nature Of The Beast,” which stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to exploring themes of mental health, trauma, and healing through music.

Mad Mike

With a career spanning over two decades, Dual Diagnosis has consistently pushed the boundaries of the hardcore rap genre. Their previous works, including the critically acclaimed EP “Emerge From The Dark” (2018) and albums “The Intake” (2020) and “No Ordinary Life” (2022), have solidified their reputation as pioneers in the field. Each project delves deep into personal and societal issues, resonating with a depth and nuance that is rare in today’s music landscape.

“Nature Of The Beast” is no exception. From the moment the eerie and ominous “Intro” sets the stage, it’s clear that this EP is a powerful exploration of the human psyche. The title track, “Nature Of The Beast,” follows, delivering a ferocious blend of belligerent guitars and stimulating percussion. It’s an emotional journey through inner demons and personal tribulations, showcasing Mad Mike aka Dual Diagnosis’ unparalleled ability to fuse hardcore storytelling with raw, aggressive soundscapes.

As the EP progresses, the controlled bombast of “Harsh” and the standout track “Patient On The Run” take center stage. Produced by The Arcitype, “Patient On The Run” captures the frantic energy of escaping one’s inner demons. It’s a raw depiction of survival, with lyrics that exclaim, “Doctor will I ever get out of here. Hope seems so far away.” This track stands out not only for its powerful musical delivery but also for the strong convictions that underpin its message.

“Murder One” continues the EP’s relentless assault on the senses, featuring a vibrant bassline and a simple but thumping drumbeat. The song builds to an electrifying set of crescendos, each one hitting a nerve with its intensity. The chorus, “I’m hungry, starving, dying of thirst. To all these haters I talk about murder one,” oozes brilliance and encapsulates the raw energy that defines Dual Diagnosis.

The EP Cover Artwork

The EP closes with “The Edge,” a track that rides on a keyboard-dominated backdrop, allowing the vocals to take center stage. The opening lines, “I’m on the verge. I’m on the edge. I’ll go berserk I need my meds. I’m on the edge cause I’m missing my meds. Do you think I’m weird because I like bloodshed? I’m on the edge cause I’m missing my meds,” capture the listener’s attention immediately. This track is a visceral and passionate finale to an EP that thrives on originality and unadulterated conviction.

Recorded at Bow Wow Studios in New Jersey by CJ Scioscia, “Nature Of The Beast” is many things: creative, meaningful, and phenomenally executed. Above all, it is a visceral and passionate exploration of mental health and interior scrutiny. Mad Mike as Dual Diagnosis has once again proven his ability to use music as a powerful tool for addressing both personal and societal issues. Each detail of this recording screams with raw, unfiltered emotion, making it a must-listen for fans of hardcore rap and rock alike.

In a world where musical genres often remain siloed, Dual Diagnosis continues to break down barriers and redefine artistic possibilities. “Nature Of The Beast” is a journey through the complexities of the human experience, set to a soundtrack that is as aggressive as it is thought-provoking. This release is a testament to Mad Mike’s enduring influence in the underground music scene and his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.


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