DJ Wutam: “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” gets a full house of stars!

Electronic and house music producer, mixer and DJ Wutam purchased his first set of Technics 1200 turntables and began DJ’ing professionally throughout Florida and the East Coast in the early ‘90s. Wutam has held residencies in major electronic and house clubs throughout the U.S. and collaborated on releases, tours and other major projects with talented artists including J-Break, Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Fixx, Infiniti, Filth & Splendour, Sasha and many others.

DJ Wutam has studied under Grammy-nominated EDM mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi, has taken an advanced mix and master class with renowned producer Daniel Wyatt and recently attended Dubspot for mixing and mastering. He has also recently launched his own label, Prism Recordings, which will feature his own music and collaborations with other artists as well as products for the audio industry that are in the development and prototype stages.

Wutam-PrismWhile working on his new album, DJ Wutam has dropped his latest track, “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” – a blend of Dubstep and Rap. Available on Beatport, this is a track that should be purchased without question. DJ Wutam is in a league all by himself. Looking through his catalog on Soundcloud, it is clear that he has been consistent and creative. DJ Wutam’s work ethic is mind-boggling and it’s just ridiculous how he makes so many tracks with fresh ideas that sound so damn good.

“The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” is full-on Dubstep madness hosting gut-busting rhymes from a thunder-like rapping voice. DJ Wutam alone has an amazing sound that will leave you craving for, add-in the raspy rhyming and this track is an absolute double threat. In my search for truly outstanding and well produced electronic music, I look for a few things that normally capture my attention – variety of style, original instrumentation and samples, cinematic qualities in scale and quality of sound, plus quality of transitions, swells, breaks and tempo changes.

DJ Wutam gets a full house of stars due to the immense amount of production value and quality and for hitting all of the above points. What you get here is quality over quantity. The thing is I didn’t want this track to ever stop. The journey it took me on and the movements my body was guided to do all are great and inspiring. This is the kind of music that will draw people out of a crowd when played in public to ask who the artist is. There is clear evidence that the future is bright for DJ Wutam.

You will be attracted to the heavy use of drum and bass synths and how well the beat and rhythm flows. The pure energy of voice and music will invoke very intense emotions in you.  “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” hyped me up and got my adrenaline going, and it isn’t even a fast paced tempo. Yet it was almost euphoric. A seriously epic track – beautiful, brutal and punchy, with an amazing soaring rap melody you’re not even expecting.  The sheer levels and quality behind this music will have you floating around the room.



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