Martone: “Groove Tonight – Extreme’s Late Night Remix 7′ inch Edit”

Martone Lynell Williams the EDM, R&B and House music artist just keeps popping up. He is currently back with his smash single, “Groove Tonight – Extreme’s Late Night Remix 7′ inch Edit”. The track comes off Martone’s “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition” album.

Martone-Groove-cover2Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has really changed the face of pop music, and has become a prominent fixture at the top of the charts. The problem with this is that with so many DJs and peoducers becoming well known, EDM tracks can quickly become cliché and generic rather than the original genre it once was. This seems to be a trap that Martone does not fall into with his latest release.

Martone is a man of few words, yet so much emotion. His catalog mirrors that. He may seem like being at the pinnacle of his profession and just when you think he can do no more, he raises the bar just a little bit higher.

In a period where the number of EDM releases seems endless, there often comes along one track that blows every other out of the water, “Groove Tonight” is one of them. A soothing aura with mesmerizing vocals, and when its time has run out, you will know this is a classic when the most blissful of synths have take the mix to another level.

Martone-Groove-cover1If you ever get a feeling, wondering if time is slowly suffocating you in a frenzy of pulsating fury, this track will trigger its release. It’s a journey, a funky ride through the mind of a unique artist at his peak, a varied and unpredictable yet uplifting expression of modern rhythm with a smooth but unrelenting force.

Groove Tonight” has a deep, dream-like ethereal quality, gentle and lyrical at times, dark, relentless, disturbingly intense at others. There’s a sense of repressed energy throughout the song which never fully releases until the final moments, but as soon as those moments evolve you’ll found yourself wanting to experience the journey all over again.

Martone, who officially founded Enotram Entertainment, Inc. serving as the creative hub for all of his multimedia productions, resets the listener back into the groove yet once again with  “Groove Tonight –  Extreme’s Late Night Remix 7′ inch Edit”, as  we’re confronted with a sonic landscape of edgy-influenced synthesizers, rumbling basslines and a throbbing beat.


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