The Chillionaires: “This & That” (Ruciano x Sky $craper) Prod. by cashmoneyap

4Mula Ent is an entertainment group with a collective of artists such as The Chillionaires whose members include Ruciano, Sky Scraper and King Gray. The Chillionaires are currently buzzing with their debut Mixtape “The Formula” which is available on

the cover artwork
the cover artwork

As well as their debut video “#LTNK” which is now available on YouTube. They have also been working on their new project called “The Chillionaires Club Feat. Mani Marley”, but in the meantime we can enjoy The Chillionaires on “This & That” (Ruciano x Sky $craper) produced by cashmoneyap.

If you look deeper than the endless odes to pimping, hustling, smoking that sticky-icky and even more pimping that occupy the immediate surface, you’ll discover three emcees with distinctive voices, nimble wordplay, melodic production and on occasion, a social consciousness. It’s those factors that make The Chillionaires a proud representation of the NYC area rap scene.

“This & That” sounds like the sonic ‘house party’ celebrating HipHop perfection when suddenly three ‘gatecrashers’ arrive, and prove emphatically that they haven’t lost a step since their last studio outing.

Musically, The Chillionaires  was just as smooth and gangsta as they had ever been making for another cool track that sounds as good in the car as it does at home. The song doesn’t grow tired even after a number of replays. In many ways, this is a showcase for their mastering of the craft and illustrates a very natural progression in their careers. The production is also noticeably smooth and refined, enhancing their sound.

The Chillionaires
The Chillionaires

Unlike many of their more popular peers, The Chillionaires don’t trick you into believing that selling drugs is the key to a lavish lifestyle that always results in piles of money, luxury cars and beautiful women with no sacrifice. They just lay on the line with total nonchalance, whether you believe and trust the vision, is your problem, not theirs!

They don’t reinvent the wheel; they offer their brand of gangsta-ism in a very sincere and uncanny way. This & That” (Ruciano x Sky $craper) produced by cashmoneyap, is one of the smoothest, consistent, and refreshingly different singles.

So, with that said, the million dollar questions are these. Overall, did The Chillionaires make a fantastic single with “This & That” YES! Do Ruciano, Sky Scraper and King Gray sound fresher than they ever have? ABSOLUTELY! Does the NYC still have something to say? WITHOUT A DOUBT!

 Ultimately, The Chillionaires is a real contender for ‘catchy track of year’, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Don’t mess with NYC!


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