Abstract Posters drops “Samplur” from the album “Cool List!

Tyler Harris Haywood aka Abstract Posters was born September 12, 1983 in Connecticut where he now rocks the turntable! Abstract Posters specialty is video remixing of various genres of energetic music. There’s no substitute for experiencing a skilled DJ in a killer space, mixing live.

Abstract-Posters-ProfileStill, there are still only so many nights you can spend dancing to the small hours of the morning. Thankfully, during the past few years, the Internet has made it possible to see or hear sets by legendary, soon-to-be-legendary or never-to-be-legendary DJs from around the world.

Like any other music genre or style, you can expect the best, and the worst. And in between you’ll discover the brave and the reckless, those who push the boundaries and break the barriers.

Abstract Posters is a beat scientist…a mad one at that. There’s no mixing DJ quite as irascible and obstinate as Enfield, CT’s Tyler Harris Haywood. While he’s productions and sets make the dancefloor sweat just trying to keep up to his ever-changing mixes, he’ll do whatever he damn well pleases.

For his deft ten-minute “Samplur” track which comes off his six track album, entitled “Cool List”, Abstract Posters feels free to be free, as he stuffs the track’s timeline with just about every sample of every genre of music he could get his hands on. You’ll recognize most of your favorite songs from yesteryear, today…and maybe tomorrow – phased, looped, filtered, EQued and effected like you’ve never heard them before.

Abstract-Posters-Cool-ListEver flip the dial on your old FM radio all the way to right, and then all the way back to the left again…slowly, catching every station along the way? Abstract Posters is capable of producing a 10-minute mix of that very effect – in fast motion! Cutting and fading the most disparate of tracks into one key and beat, all filled with energy levels that explode through electronic ramps, mountains and waves.

As fans will find out on “Samplur”, Abstract Posters’ way with the effects knobs is eclectic, teasing new thrills out of radio classics with just a twist of the wrist at key moments. The result is broad and exhilarating – proof that the cutting edge is not restricted by genre or style, but it can be a mix of all those things put together!


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