Sick Bird: “Take Flight” shines all the way through!

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Sick Bird now resides and records in California. Largely self-produced, Sick Bird has always had a passion for beats and rhymes. His freshest labor of love is the 16 track album, “Take Flight”. In a time like this, when you turn on the radio, or flip through your favorite music magazine, and see the choices of popular hip-hop artists that are forced down your throat at nausea; you may feel disgusted at what rap has become since the early 90s.

sick-bird-350Look at the MTV music awards, the nominees prove to me that the glory days of great songwriters in popular hip-hop music are long gone. I’m just so embarrassed for the people that listen to this crap. Maybe I need to be more specific. I’m a fan of old school hip-hop and underground rap. As far as I’m concerned, the underground is all that is keeping this genre alive and kicking.

So when I was introduced to “Take Flight” by Sick Bird, I was pleasantly surprised with the first track, “Watch For It (prod. Catch22Beatz)”. From there on, it was just realization after realization about how good this album actually is. Sick Bird is one of the smartest lyricists I’ve heard in a while.

His lyrics are so down to earth, charismatic, and vulnerable. And besides being able to switch his flow up or down with ease, Sick Bird has selected an enormously disparate range of productions. “Adapt (prod. Karnaval Blues)” is a soulful and mellow affair, while “Straightened Out feat. TioLoke (prod. DJBadminton)” has slamming percussion and impacting leftfield effects.

This is a lethal album that Hip Hop heads should grab hold of. Sick Bird’s rapid-fire flow on Doctor Sick (prod. RemixThaDon), has the capabilities to re-program your internal circuitry, while the deep growling bass-driven beat on “Take Aim Take Flight (prod. DJBadminton)” will short circuit it again. Each song is a journey and the poetry is just amazing and beyond rational thought sometimes.

sick-bird-350bI tend to hear new things and have new perspectives of things that Sick Bird has in his songs. Every now and then, I understand lyrics that I never even bothered to listen to the first time since the tunes were just so amazing. But when I do listen to the lyrics that didn’t pay attention to previously, it just opens doors and makes me think again.  That’s what real music is supposed to do…and that’s what Sick Bird does in his songs.

This album not only has some very-high points, but it shines all the way through. The highest points for me being: “Survival (prod. DJ Smuv)”, “My Accent (prod. DJ Smuv)”, “Feeling (prod. Catch22Beatz)”, “Procrastinator feat. TioLoke (prod. DJBadminton)”, “Maximum (prod. sidionbeats)” and “2 Hard (prod. Catch22Beatz)”.

“Take Flight”, without question, is one of the most representative works of underground hip-hop that has ever come out recently. The producers provide beats that make your head bob, while Sick Bird recites lyrics that make your brain throb. There is no compromising on this album; production and vocals both build off of each other to create a vibe of hip-hop in its prime that will be listened to for a while to come.


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